The Divorced Dad's New Kitchen


30 Must-Have Essential Items & Toys For every divorced dad who wants “a Tricked Out” New Kitchen

So the wife is gone, baby, gone as in “hasta la vista we are divorced§” And you are done licking your wounds and feeling sorry for yourself. Now its time to regroup, get a new apartment (check) and now that you have the apartment, you want to trick out the kitchen so you can and make yourself into a “culinary maestro” you have always wanted to be if only the ex had allowed you within a mile of her precious French country style La Cornue domain in the former marital residence.

Well DAGGONIT. You are in the market for a “divorced dad’s new kitchen, baby!” Good riddance to her and her kitchen. It’s your turn now to have the kitchen of your dreams and you are staunchly a Zub-Zero Guy. You can do Bosch too (Gaggenau, Thermador). It is gonna be amazing when you are done tricking this puppy out. You can imagine 6 months salary when you are done.

It’s normal. You’re not superfluous.

According to the Wall Street Journal, or it could have been the New York Times, kitchen remodeling is now an $18 Billion dollar per year  industry and that is largely thanks to men who have begun to turn their family kitchen into the new “man cave.” Nothing wrong with that. Sure thing you can have your man cave now and do as you want and get what you want and buy the biggest sharpest knives and look, you are a better cook than Gordon Ramsay!
Yes. But. Do you have kids? Is this kitchen you’re planning going to be kid-friendly? Or are they going to kill themselves accidentally in it? Do the kids have pets they will bring over? Is there going to be a new woman in the picture? Because it’s all sorts of stuff and if you do and you plan on having them over, you are going to have to keep them in mind not just in terms of design but also appliances, tools, and utensils for your new kitchen. Sorry to be the one to tell you this, dude but even though you are divorced and wifey is gone, your kitchen is not going to totally be all about you.

Here are 30 Basic items you should consider getting for your basic “divorced dad’s new kitchen” to keep everybody comfortable and happy:

1.      Baking pan
2.      Bottle/Can opener
3.      Breakfast Tray
4.      China plates
5.      Coffee cups
6.      Coffee machine
7.      Cutting board
8.      Egg poacher
9.      Egg beater
10.  Grater
11.  Ice Cream Maker
12.  Kettle
13.  Knives, spoons & forks
14.  Measuring cup
15.  Mixing bowl
16.  paper plates
17.  Pasta strainer
18.  Pastry roller
19.  Pizza oven
20.  Plastic cups and glasses
21.  Popcorn machine
22.  Sauce pan
23.  Skillet
24.  Small bowls
25.  Storing bottles
26.  Toaster oven
27.  Tongs
28.  Tupper ware
29.  Wine opener
30.  Wooden spoons & other utensils
photo courtesy of Flickr creative commons