Janet Jackson Divorce 2017 From Billionaire Qatari Husband Wissam Al Mana 5 Months After Giving Birth at 50, Shocks World

Shock Split: Janet Jackson Divorce 2017 from Qatari billionaire Wissam al mana after 5 years

Superstar Janet Jackson’s divorce 2017 from her multi billionaire Qatari husband Wissam Al Mana was announced by various media outlets who got the news from Ms Jackson’s press agent overnight.

What a shock!

Jackson reportedly asked for the divorce just five months after giving birth to her first child at age 50! This is incredible! I am shocked! This really takes me by surprise because I really thought she had found her happily ever after. I was really rooting for her with this one because she always thought she was “unlucky” in love and she was so sad about it and she blamed herself when her other relationships failed so this time, I was rooting for her even though it was being rumoured she had converted to Islam to be with him (she was seen wearing a headscarf) and had cancelled her world tour as well (although that may have been because she was pregnant). I am never for these big chances to be with someone. I think you have to be who you are in a relationship and that the more you have to change to be with someone, the less likely it is going to work out. I think I may have been right.

The biggest problem in Janet Jackson’s 2017 divorce is going to be her baby Eissa Al Mana. (The child’s name means “Savior” in Arabic just so you know.) Janet waited a long time to have her baby at fifty years old. She put on over 100 pounds during that pregnancy and so that could not have been the easiest situation for her from a physical perspective alone not to mention emotional. And if she divorced within five months of the birth, the pregnancy could not have been without problems which could have affected Ms. Jackson’s emotional, psychological, and physical equilibrium. Will they have a blow out custody battle for Eisa, the little boy they parented? Time will tell. Reports are that for now, Eissa Al Mana will live with Janet who is based in London.

The second biggest problem for Janet Jackson is going to be property settlement. Janet is a rich woman in her own right, estimated by various websites to be worth in excess of $150 million US Dollars. Her husband, on the other hand, is worth a lot more. The estimates vary wildly. Some say he is a multi-millionaire and others say he is a billionaire. I think it is closer to a billion at roughly $800 million in USD assets and capital that he is really worth but I am not his accountant.

The money situation will depend on a lot of different variables. Where will the divorce be filed? In London? Because London is the Divorce Capital of the World and courts are very generous to trophy wives like Janet – even with a prenup. Indeed until recently, prenups weren’t worth the paper they were written on in English courts. Did Janet and Wissam have a prenup and if so what did it say? That really is going to be the key question here. If there was no prenup, where will they file the divorce papers? In England? Or Qatar? Or America? The outcome of this from a financial perspective will vary widely depending on many variables.
When  Janet Damita Jo Jackson divorced her second husband Rene Elizondo, she reportedly paid him $10 million dollars in settlement. And that was in 2000. So surely, Wissam will pay her back at least that much because he has a lot more money than Janet.

The R&B singer also had a long term relationship with Jermaine Dupri and was once married to James Debarge in the 1980s.

….I have to give Ms Jackson this: She does seem to have a very weird taste in men.  I mean, none of these guys made any sense whatsoever. I mean, each and every one of them left me scratching my head. Do you know? With that said, I sincerely wish Janet the best of luck navigating this latest divorce with grace, aplomb and minimal headaches.

Image courtesy of Flickr creative commons