Mel B Stephen Belafonte Divorce 2017: It's Not All Filth

The Glamorous Side of Mel B Stephen Belafonte Divorce 2017

Mel B Stephen Belafonte Divorce in 2017 was not all filth, violence, bruised battered faces, restraining order on sex tapes and allegations that hubby Stephen impregnated the nanny and demanded that she have an abortion. Then you throw in the run in with the FBI after Mel B  accused her estranged husband Stephen of toting a shot gun and you almost can’t keep up. Sounds like an exciting life if you are into that kind of thing. But if these rumors (we don’t really know what is true) are facts, and these facts leave you feeling queasy – or even sick –  don’t despair. There was a glamorous side to this couple – certainly to Mel B.

So about the juxtaposition of Mel B Stephen Belafonte Divorce (which is an ugly mess) and Mel B’s glamorous life. So Mel is a former Spice Girl. She, along with other Spice Girls like Victoria Beckham made a lot of money as a Spice Girl with chart tipping hits in the 1990s. Then Mel went solo and had a few more hits.

Then, she married a Dutch guy named Jimmy Gulzar and had a Dutch baby named Phoenix Chi Gulzar in 1999. She paid this guy $2 million in settlement and got to keep custody of her daughter. He was later arrested and tried in court for threatening Mel and her sister, according to her Wikipedia profile but the charges were later dropped.

Next up in Mel B’s glamourous life: American movie star Eddie Murphy. Mel B and Eddie dated in 2006 from which a baby Angel Iris Murphy Brown emerged. During her pregnancy with Angel, Eddie Murphy famously dumped her while she was pregnant and insisted on having a paternity test before he paid one dime of child support -and he announced this on Dutch television apparently. Ultimately, in 2007, after little Angel was born, Murphy admitted paternity and paid Mel B $7 million in the settlement – according to Wikipedia

In 2006 Brown became the subject of tabloid stories due to her relationship with Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy, who would eventually acknowledge he was the father of Brown’s then unborn second child, a daughter [87] named Angel Iris Murphy Brown,[88] born 3 April 2007.[89] By early December 2006, Brown and Murphy had ended their relationship, and Murphy told a journalist of the Dutch TV show RTL Boulevard at the Dreamgirls film premiere that the parentage of Brown’s unborn baby could not be proven until a paternity test was performed.[90] In 22 June 2007, a court-ordered DNA test confirmed that Murphy was the child’s father. Murphy admitted paternity and indicated that a paternity settlement of $7 million had been reached.[91]

As if this was not sufficiently glamorous, Mel then  met and married this guy Stephen Belafonte. Well, it wasn’t so linear. When you read her Wikipedia profile, it is a Who’s Who of Who Mel has slept with. According to her Wikipedia profile, she loves sex:

From 2002 to 2006 Brown was in a relationship with film producer Christine Crokos.[3] Brown and Crokos lived together in Los Angeles, California.[85] Asked about the relationship, Brown said: “People call me lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual, but I know who’s in my bed and that’s it. I have a huge libido and a great sex life”.[86] Brown and Crokos’ relationship ended in 2006

With that said, it appears Mel B and Stephen Belafonte had filth of a marriage if you can believe the papers she filed in Los Angeles Supreme Court to end the marriage. They do have a precious little daughter named Madison Brown Belafonte.

Notwithstanding the mess of Mel B Stephen Belafonte’s divorce, Mel’s daughters all have glamorous names: Phoenix Chi Gulzar, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, Madison Brown Belafonte.  And ultimately, that’s the thing. That is the glamorous side of Mel B’s messy and ugly divorce from Stephen Belafonte. It is the name she has chosen for her three lovely daughters.

photo Flickr creative commons