On Why Brad Pitt and Halle Berry Should Hook Up, by Kate Nguyen

Should Brad Pitt and Halle Berry Start dating Each Other?

Brad Pitt and Halle Berry are both single, both having recently filed for divorce from their respective spouses. In Brad’s case the divorce has not yet been finalized and in Halle’s case, it was recently finalized after a couple of years being put on ice.

Both Brad Pitt and Halle Berry are roughly the same age. Halle is about 51 and Brad could be a couple of years older than she is.

They both have links to France. Halle’s last husband Olivier Martinez is French and she and he own an apartment near Avenue Montaigne in Paris – and they got married in the French countryside although that clearly did nothing to help cement the union as it imploded in less than two years, I believe.

Brad on the other hand owned a pricey chateau in the South of France in the Var that he bought with his pouty-lipped bad girl wife, Angelina Jolie. They even had a vineyard on the property and actually put out a nice Rosé from it that sold out as soon as it hit the shelves (wonder what will happen to the vineyard now that Brangelina’s marriage has imploded?)
Both Brad Pitt and Halle Berry have interracial children. So to speak. So their families are already tailor-made for blending with each other.

What else do they have in common? They are both good looking. Both were obviously better looking a few years back but they are not badly looking now and would make an attractive pair.

Angelina would not be as jealous of Halle as she would be of someone like, say, Lawyer X Cotillard. Maybe she would not mind if the kids visited with Halle, Nahla, and Maceo in Malibu where Halle has a dream house on the beach – if Brad Pitt and Halle Berry do start dating.

Halle is terrible at picking men. Brad is terrible at commitment. This does not necessarily bode well for the longevity of this union. But, hey, you just never know.

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