Divorce Beauty: Asian & African Beauty Tricks to Young You Up Real Fast, Ladies

Beauty Tricks for Recent Divorcées

Beauty tricks are as old as the earth itself. Every culture has their tricks and products and habits that contribute to the science of beauty. Yes, I know this is a divorce blog and you want to hear about custody tips for your kids. Well, first of all there is plenty in this category. But second of all, don’t believe for one minute that “beauty” has nothing to do with divorce. Beauty has everything to with divorce – before, during and after.

The thing about beauty tricks in western culture, is we often focus very narrow standards of beauty and of the beauty products we use. This could be a mistake. Why? Well, while western manufacturers have mastered many products for the average woman’s beauty repertoire, some other cultures have mastered other aspects of beauty that many women in the west still struggle with. For example: aging. And when it comes to that aspect of beauty, divorce is often not very far behind. Especially for aging women who find that their husbands often pick up with younger women.

Now that women are living longer than ever before and needing to attract multiple husbands in any one life-time anti-aging has become an obsession not just for women, and certainly not for married or divorced women but for just about everybody and so everybody is searching for efficacious anti-aging beauty tricks.

Nobody, least of all a woman who just got divorced, wants to look old if the don’t have to. Indeed, anti-aging R&D is a huge segment of the beauty industry. Billions are spent in this industry every year.  Why do I bring this up in the context of divorce? Because every day, we all age and even if you were married just one year, at the end of that year, you would have aged at least a little bit. Sometimes you will age even more than you realize if the marriage was particularly stressful and as you embark on your new life, you will want to get some tips on looking your best.

It has been debated for a long time, which cultures age better or even slower than other cultures. I think the proof is in the face. Asian woman and African women – even if they are second-generation living in the West – tend to show their age later than women who are descendant of Western countries like Europe and America- on average. There are always exceptions, of course. But as a general rule, Asians and Africans don’t show their age as much or as quickly as Europeans. And it isn’t for lack of beauty products and tricks in America and Europe because these women spend a fortune on their faces. Yet, they cannot deter time and mother nature as well as their counterparts in other parts of the world or even in their same world but from different cultural backgrounds.

A part of it is their habits. For example, have you ever seen a French woman smoke a cigarette? It is poetry in the making! But then look at what it does to her face! Women in Africa and Asia probably don’t smoke as much as women in America and Europe. This gives the former set an advantage. This is one of their beauty tricks. Because of this beauty trick of not smoking these “other” women exhibit fewer wrinkles than their European and American counterparts. They also tend to wrinkle at a much older age. Some dismiss it as skin pigment and sun tolerance but this cannot be true because women in Africa are usually a lot darker than women in Asia (excluding India) yet many women in Asia who are very light-skinned are able to keep wrinkles at bay as long as, or even longer than their African counterparts.

In addition, scientists are now realizing that skin wrinkling has to do a lot more with habits than pigment. Well, habits and muscle. Even in the face we possess a lot of muscles and if your overall muscle structure is not at its best, your face is not going to hold up all that great – no matter what race you are or where in the world you come from.  Sure, smoking, drinking and drugging do not help the skin on iota. Neither does stress and depression and getting hit and being in an unhappy marriage. Or too much sun (even if your pigment is very dark; and btw it is a myth that women  of African ancestry tolerate the sun better than European ancestry. They are just better at avoiding peak sun while their European counterparts actively court the sun). But muscle tone is crucial to the equation as well. This may be why so many Asian women regularly massage their faces. It is a form of exercise that is the ultimate anti-aging beauty trick. There is a lot that can affect how your face looks in other words and usually the pigment of your skin is the very last of it.

With that said with this long-winded post, I thought that for a change, I would look at some of the beauty habits of women who traditionally have aged less slowly to see if there are any beauty tricks and tips I could pick up and impart to readers who are getting out of a marriage and want to rejuvenate their looks without necessarily resorting to surgery. This post is for you if you have been married a while and have lost touch with your pretty little young self. After your marriage ends, a lot of you may feel like just climbing under a rock and growing old and grey, gracefully thank you. But there are some of you who want to turn back time, reverse age, and look young, fabulous, Dewey and sexy like you were 25 years ago before you met this guy and gave him your best and he wore you out with all that mirthless sex.


A snail

So, searched the Internet for beauty products and secrets for you and I found out that a lot of Asian beauty products (especially those made in Korea, but also in India and Japan) use products like

  • sea kelp,
  • seaweed,
  • snail extract,
  • maple oil, and
  • bee venom
  • Neem Leaves
  • Tumeric
  • Henna
  • Coconut Oil

I also found this list on Marieclaire.com 30 Cult-Favorite Asian Beauty Products You Need in Your Life and a few others from which I stole some of these ideas for Asian beauty tricks.

Shea butter

Then I went here for ideas on African beauty tricks. Apparently there are some key fundamental ingredients that African women use in their beauty regimens. These include:

  • shea butter,
  • orange oil,
  • neem oil,
  • coconut oil and
  • aloe vera.

So here are 11 products you need to investigate and maybe buy as they are considered beauty tricks:
  1. Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder
  2. Skin Food Honey Pot Lip Balm
  3. African Botanics Infinité Resurfacing Mask
  4. Anti Aging Jade Therapy and Argan Anti Wrinkle Treatment Set
  5. Egg Mellow Cream
  6. Clarisonic Make up removal Brush
  7. Black Scrub by Erborian
  8. BB Cream
  9. Time Balm Face Primer
  10. Koko Star Hair Therapy
  11. Africology Pedi-scrub for Feet

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