Divorce Industry Buzz: Divorce Travel is Big Business Despite a weakening global economy

Divorce Travel: Divorce Industry Buzz by Claire Le Roy for Divorce Saloon Magazine: Le Saloon

Divorce Industry buzz: THE DIVORCE TRAVEL INDUSTRY IS EXPLODING, says some experts. Airlines, tour operators, travel agents, taxi services, travel websites and more are feeling optimistic despite a relatively week sterling against a strengthening dollar. Call it what you want "divorce tourism" or "divorce honeymoons" or "divorce travel industry" or "destination divorce industry" but the trend is clear: people like to travel during and after their divorce and "turning divorce heartbreak" into money is big business. Divorce travel packages are popular in many resort, hotels and spas around the world whether for solo travellers or those accompanied by one or more people.  However, many feel that with Brexit and the Donald Trump, this could change travel plans for a lot of folks, if the global economy continues to weaken.
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