The 9th Stereotype: Rich, Old, Western White Men Think That Asian Women Won't Divorce Them

In 2009, when The New Trophy Wives: Asian Women was written by Ying Chu for Marie Claire magazine, I was barely out of my teens and I frankly did not read this article as this was not something I would have cared less about. But being that I was doing some research for possible subjects on divorce for this divorce blog,  I stumbled across this article in the archives of Marie Claire magazine. I have to say the article left me spellbound, fascinated, outraged, amused and a little bit sick.

Truthfully, it is a little bit dated but still, it was chock full of juicy tid bits worth repeating. First of all, I did not realize that Woody Allen is 35 years older than Soon Yi Previn. A “fresh-faced Wendi Deng”? I am not sure I would even describe her like that but isn’t she divorced from Rupert Murdoch? What is this website Should I be offended by this? What about his guy Nicolas Cage? Is he still married to Alice Kim? Or are they divorced? Didn’t one of his wives cheat on him? Which one was it? It isn’t Alice, is it? What about this guy Bruce Wasserstein and his Asian trophy wife Angela Chao? I am not even sure I know who he is? Someone told me he was dead and that they divorced but I am too lazy to check for myself.

Apparently, Asian women are some type of “fetish” for white men. They are expected to do things like “eat dumplings” and “massage his back with their toes.” Can you imagine?
Most of these old guys, according to the article, are divorced. These young Asian girls – whether from Korea, China, Thailand, Japan, or elsewhere in the Peninsula – are young enough to be their grand-daughter and half the time it is unclear if she is just an opportunist or if she is just an opportunist or if she is looking for a daddy figure, according to the Chu.

From my standpoint, the article is just incredibly dated. Asian women who marry western white men are very accomplished, well educated, and often come from powerful and well-established families in their home countries. They are not searching for “opportunity” by marrying white men. Quite the contrary I think it is the white men who stand to gain more from the relationship. Sure, the white man usually is far wealthier than the young Asian wife he marries. But I don’t believe that is the principal reason that he married her.

The funny part for me is the notion that these white men have that their Asian wives don’t believe in divorce and that they are submissive and that they will stay married forever. It is true that Asians are less likely to divorce than their western counterparts but I think if the Asian wife is unhappy in her marriage to her rich white (old) western husband, she is as likely to divorce him as the next wife no matter what her provenance.
So that whole article is totally ridiculous. In my opinion.

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