Divorce advice for women: What to wear to your ex husband's wedding (an etiquette dilemma)

Divorce Advice for women: What to wear to your ex husband’s Wedding

You can't wear white to your ex husband's wedding!
You can’t wear white to your ex husband’s wedding!

Speaking of divorce advice for women, have you ever wondered what you should wear to your ex’s wedding? I mean, should you even attend your ex husband’s wedding? Is that even appropriate? I am not sure. I guess it really depends on your relationship. Some exes stay great friends. They really are over it and they wish each other well, and they may even still be best friends. I mean, I don’t think Jen Aniston would have attended Angelina and Brad’s wedding necessarily even though Jen and Brad were “best friends.” But I am sure there are folks who are able to handle it without jealousy. I mean, look at Astrid Menks Buffet and Susan Buffet. They were best friends practically, and had Susan been alive at the time of Astrid’s marriage to her ex husband Warren, Susan may have attended that wedding….although I sort of think that Warren would not have re-married as long as Susan was alive. But… I digress…http://www.divorcesaloon.com/index.php?s=astrid

But. If you are able to handle it…. What should you wear to your ex husband’s wedding? What divorce advice can I give this woman?  Well, definitely not white. You should not wear white to your ex husband’s wedding. That would be rude and insulting to his new bride. Probably not black as that would similarly be rude and insulting, unless it was a very stylish dress and honestly did not look like you were attending a funeral. At the same time, you don’t want to wear a really loud color that calls attention to yourself, or makes you look like a spectacle (and god forbid you should get tipsy or drunk in your yellow canary dress, my god!).

So, where does that leave you? Well, if you have to go just wear something simple and blue. No. Not blue. Sends the wrong message. Not red. Too loud. Wear something…not grey….gosh. I don’t know what you should wear. Do you have to go? Are you sure you have to go? Ok. How about something mauve? A mauve pant suit or something….I don’t know. This is a tough one.

Wear what is comfortable, tasteful and…do you have to go?
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Originally published March 7 2009