The Gay Divorce Boom Could Have Been a Myth


The Divorce Industry Disappointed by the Lack of GAY DIVORCE BOOM
Since same-sex marriage was made the law of the land by the US Supreme court, divorce industry insiders proclaimed that there would be a big boom in gay divorces and law firms across the land opened up special departments just to deal with gay divorces. But two years hence, there is reportedly no boom so to speak. "Gay married couples tend to marry older and after a longer time together, so they tend to be more stable," said one columnist. "They really got to know each other after long term domestic partnerships, and so now that they have marriage equality, it's the cherry on the cake but they haven't been going too bonkers. Thus the divorce industry will have to grapple with the fact that queer couples are less prone to divorce than straight copules according to some studies, and thus not such a lucrative niche market as everyone thought they would be, and presumably, divorce industry workers will just have to keep fleecing heterosexuals couples as they have been doing traditionally."
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