Divorce Advice for women, mothers & moms – 20 tips for before, during, and after your divorce

Divorce Advice for Women: 20 Tips & Words of Wisdom for Mothers, Moms and Women

  1. First piece of divorce advice for women is: Before you ask for the divorce make sure you are ready to be divorced. You would be surprised how many women regret their divorce years after they do it.
  2. This piece of divorce advice is very important: Stash some cash in a secret fund if you can. You never know when you will need it.
  3. Here is some priceless divorce advice for women: Be sure to keep track of the children’s and your passports – just in case (kidnapping is not the only reason, btw)
  4. Next bit of divorce advice for women: Consider that courts don’t automatically give the children to mothers anymore and be prepared to show that you are the most fit parent
  5. Women are advised to remember that: Co-parenting is a good thing (as is joint custody if you can handle it.)
  6. For busy moms, another piece of divorce advice is that organization is the key to success in the divorce battle field
  7. Women, remember that the person who strikes first (especially if it is a surprise) would usually have the advantage but it doesn’t mean it will hold. You need to be able to follow it up with something else to keep your edge. Be advised divorcing women!
  8. Another piece of divorce advice for women: They need to know that life long alimony is passé especially if the woman is young and able bodied.
  9. Also, women should keep in mind that most courts will uphold the prenup unless you were drunk, drugged, incapacitated, or some other unable to understand what you were signing so maybe you shouldn’t even waste resources and time trying to set it aside.
  10. This piece of divorce advice is crucial for women: Be careful who you take divorce advice from!
  11. As far as financial divorce advice for women: Get your financial house in order (make sure you know what to even tell the lawyer what to look for)
  12. This piece of divorce advice is good for some stay at home moms: Job hunting before you even get divorced is not a bad idea!
  13. I would advice women to join a women’s divorce support group
  14. Health and fitness experts often advise that women stay strong and healthy by exercising and eating well before, during and after their divorce.
  15. Women should keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with getting individual and family counseling during and after a divorce and I advise that strongly.
  16. Sage divorce advice for women: Scrub your social media accounts and your personal computer if you think there is anything there that is incriminating or compromising
  17. More divorce advice for women: Avoid alcohol and drugs and other things to which you could become dependent.
  18. Get into prayer and/or meditation as a matter of daily routine when you are going through divorce.
  19. Here is some wise advice for divorcing women: Practice making a daily to do list of what needs to happen before during and after the divorce.
  20. Finally, this piece of divorce advice for women is key: If you have kids, give the children the attention they deserve regardless of this divorce situation. When it is their time, be totally there.