DIVORCE INDUSTRY BUZZ: Top 15 Reasons People Split (Divorce) in the West

Divorce Industry Buzz By Claire le Roy for Divorce Saloon International Magazine: Le Saloon
Divorce Industry insiders have revealed the top 15 reasons couples split up. The list below is not a chronology. Note that “political differences” were cited as the main reason for couples dumping one another in 2017. Read the list below the jump:

The Top 15 Reasons People Get Divorced in Western Countries

1. Money woes
2. Sexual incompatibility
3. Political differences *
4. Cultural, Religious & Racial differences
5. Age imbalance
6. Boredom
7. Infidelity
8. Change in appearances (weight gain, disfigurement, weight loss, plastic surgery)
9. Jealousy
10. Personality conflicts
11. Domestic Violence
12. Extended Family incompatibility (usually mother in law is involved)
13. Addiction (drugs, alcohol, sex, etc)
14. Growing apart (education, time, etc)
15. Children (pregnancy, parenting philosophy, IVF, adoption, etc)
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