6 Divorce Blogs for Men: Recommended Reading For Guys Going Through Divorce

6 Essential Divorce Blogs for Men

Do Men Read and Follow Divorce Blogs the Way Women Do? Let’s face it: Divorce Blogs for Men are not as plentiful on the Internet as Divorce blogs for women. Why? It is hard to say. Typically, guys start divorce blogs but they don’t seem to have to stick-to-it-ness that female divorce bloggers have.

So divorce blogs for men are often updated less frequently and even worse, just defunct after less than five years. Look, we guys are not as focused as the chicks! Maybe it is a question of the audience. I know for a fact that  men don’t read divorce blogs (even if the divorce blogs written specifically for men) the same way and with the same verve as women do. When women create divorce blogs, it is a whole community. She gets all her girlfriends to join her and they form this amazing network of mommies online.

Divorce blogs for women is a whole industry in fact. With men, maybe reading divorce blogs is not a very masculine past time for many of us. Maybe we see it as weakness to need help. Who knows. The fact remains that divorce blogs for men are pretty scarce and finding one that is updated regularly is very rare. Usually it is probably written by a woman. Here are five divorce blogs for men that have been recently updated as of the writing of this post:

  1. Guy Stuff Counseling and Coaching
  2. Daddy Got Custody
  3. Divorced Guy Grinning
  4. The Good Men Project
  5. Dad’s Divorce
  6. Sometimes Daddies Cry