Is the Divorce Industry in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Corrupt?

Is the Divorce Industry in the East Coast a Corrupt, Toxic Waste Dump of Racketeering and Usurious Attorneys who charge exorbitant legal Fees?

The divorce industry on the East Coast is apparently a mess and a lot of people in this neck of the woods are evidently fed up with it.

Litigants have been calling for reforms not only of child custody and support laws as well as alimony and equitable distribution, but also for changes with the divorce courts themselves. People seem to think that the very divorce courts are in collusion with the divorce universe (including divorce lawyers,  divorce experts, judges and court appointed specialists and other players) to divest litigants of their wealth in divorce cases.


Indeed, one guy told me recently in discussing the industry “it’s a racket! It’s a toxic waste dump of racketeering and usurious legal fees!” The guy went on to tell me a horror story about a court appointed lawyer for his son and the child support nightmare he endured as the divorce lawyer kept trying to bill hours at the expense of making their family dispute a hundred times more toxic.

The divorce iindustry is not TOTALLY corrupt
There are good divorce lawyers in the divorce industry

I was alarmed, to say the least. Moreover, as someone who works in the divorce industry, it troubles me to think this is how people see the industry. It’s a very troubling thing. Especially because I know there are so many good, conscientious and ethical people, including divorce lawyers, in the industry. A few bad apples have really spoiled it for everyone.

Troublingly, a quick online search about the divorce industry yields headlines such as “the divorce industry is RACKETEERING” or “ugly truth of the divorce industry” or “the divorce regime is a totalitarian institution” and the last, “divorce industry is corrupt.”

Is this all true? Are you of the opinion that the divorce industry is a toxic environment? Have you been burned by the divorce industry in any of the above jurisdictions? Or are these over-broad generalizations and stereotypes? And is this only an East Coast issue? Or do people around the country also feel that the divorce industry in their neck of the woods is a mess?
One blogger in Connecticut who writes a blog called Divorce in Connecticut regularly posts about the shenanigans of the divorce industry in Connecticut. This is what inspired this post, in fact. And her blog often leaves me thinking “oh my god.”

What the heck is going on?

Are you someone residing in any of these three states mentioned in the title? What has been your experience with getting divorced (or even having a family dispute that involved the family court – such as child support) in New York, New Jersey, and/or Connecticut? Would you describe the experience by any of the above pejoratives? Or would you say that you have full faith in the judicial and legal systems in these states?

In the final analysis, I think we need to start a dialogue about this. Do leave your comments and tell us your impression of the divorce industry in either New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. Only those with the first-hand experience need comment.

Thank you.


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