Kourtney Kardashian Inspiration for Parenting After Divorce: Improve the Kids' Diets by Going Gluten Free

“After divorce, your parenting skills will be judged on how well you feed your kids. That is why you are lucky to Have Kourtney Kardashian’s App,” Genevieve Smith

Parenting after divorce has become this huge, big headache for so many parents and for many of them, the last thing they have time to focus on is creating a gluten free diet for their kids, or any kind of diet at all.

Instead, with all the stress and pressure from their divorce and after divorce, parents – both moms and dads – feel compelled to focus on all the negative stuff, namely, the power struggles, the child support, the kids’ over-scheduled two-home agendas, the divorce courts and paying their divorce lawyers. Plus, ex spouses need time to fight over their own grown up stuff that got them divorced in the first place; and then, with the day job and everything else the last thing they are thinking about is actually IMPROVING the lives (and diets!) of their kids after divorce. That, they defer for later.

Are you someone who is in this group of people who are parenting after divorce? Can you even imagine having this goal of not only making sure your kids are alright but making it your aim to improve every aspect of their lives after divorce (and maybe even with less money?). Do you even feel like you have the time and the inclination?

It can be achieved, you know. You can do more with less and you can switch your focus away from fighting with your ex and towards just being a better version of yourself (and making your kids a better version of themselves) with your ex out of the picture. And no hard feelings towards the ex  or anything like that; but you can actively try to live and eat BETTER after divorce. That, in fact, is the best revenge.

OK. Let’s zone in on the kids’ diets after divorce. So you know we love Kourtney Kardashian on this website, right? And we have decided to make her a role model for our parenting section. We like how Kourtney always talks about how much she loves being a mom and she has repeatedly said “mommying” is her favorite role. And it shows. She is more likely to tweet or talk about her children than she is of showing us her naked backside. And she does do that too. But it is not the central goal of her life and that is very refreshing.

So recently Kourtney Kardashian became this gluten free and dairy free aficiondo and she has put her kids on this gluten and diary free diet. And I thought that in fact, this can be copied by moms out there who are now single parents and they can feed their children different things and do it for less money than it took to buy sugary cereals and other gook that is not even all that great for the kids.

So what is this gluten-free thing all about? Well, gluten is some type of wheat derivative, I think, and it doesn’t work well for everyone. A lot of people are allergic to it. Foods that are naturally gluten-free include:

  • beans
  • rice
  • avocados
  • coconuts
  • olive oil
  • meat
  • egg
  • honey
  • cucumber
  • red peppers
  • other veggies
  • almonds
  • etc

Kourtney Kardashian swears by Avocado pudding which she makes with crushed avocados, Manuka honey and coconut milk. She blends it into a smooth type of yogurt texture and it is really healthy for the kids as a desert or snack.

Obviously  she is also huge into veggies like broccoli and carrots. She likes nuts and roots and for beverages she drinks a lot of water (what a concept!) Oh and she eats eggs and tomatoes and stuff like that and feeds it to her kids.

What about you? What are your kids eating while you are busy with your divorce? Are they eating even better than when you were married would you say? If not, you better start finding some inspiration for how to make that happen by getting some Kourtney Kardashian recipes.
If you go on Kourtney’s app you can find a lot of her gluten-free recipes that are totally appropriate for kids. Be a better parent after divorce than you were when married by feeding your kids a better diet a la Kourtney Kardashian!

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