6 Divorce Blogs that Offer Great Divorce Advice for Women

Divorce Blogs that Offer Divorce Advice for Women

When I wrote this post the other day 8 Best and Recommended Divorce Blogs I did not focus on gender. But I have noticed that blogs definitely are very gender specific and most divorce blogs are written for women. Have you noticed that? In this post, I wanted to target a new set of blogs that specifically offer divorce advice for women.

I would like to specifically look at 6 divorce blogs that I did not included in the first list I did (mentioned above) that offer good divorce advice for women.

Here is Gia’s List of Divorce Blogs that Offer Good Divorce Advice for Women
  1. The obvious one is Huffington Post.  If you are a woman going through divorce, for sure you need to read Huffington Post divorce blog. We won’t even provide the link because everybody knows how to get to Huffpo and I want you to finish the list I created and not just rush off to in a huff. But definitely, Huffpo is the go to divorce blog on the Internet.
  2. Another blog that offers great divorce advice for women is Your Tango. Like Huffpo divorce, this did not make our list of 8 recommended divorce blogs. But it is a good blog for women who need effective divorce advice.
  3. Getting good information on the internet is not difficult these days because there are so many great blogs and we can basically do a new list everyday. Another blog you might want to check out for divorce advice for women is Divorce Angels. That looks like it is targetted mostly for women and is very reader friendly as well.
  4. The 4th blog you might want to check out is SAS for Women which may not be as well known as some of the others but still worth a look if you are in the market for specifically targeted divorce advice for women.
  5. Live Strong is  another venue for getting divorce advice for women. Of ourse you can get other types of advice including on health and fitness and nutrition. But there is an area for divorce for women too.
  6. Finally, check out Wife which stands for Women’s Institute for Financial Education. They, too, offer sage divorce advice to women.

We did not forget the guys. Brian Pauly wrote an article about best divorce blogs for men. You can link to it here.

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