Divorce Travel: 3 Best Places in Africa to Travel For a Divorce Honeymoon or Divorce Holiday


From: Grace Ann Diaz.
Re: Best Places to Travel After a Divorce for Divorce Honeymoon or Divorce holiday
Hi Everyone!
So you are searching for divorce travel ideas for your divorce honeymoon or for a divorce holiday destination, is that right? You would like to know what are the best places to travel after your break up?
Well, today your divorce travel guru would like to update you with my latest divorce travel tip for divorce holiday destinations.

Divorce Honeymoon Safari

So, I was talking the other day to a good friend who was taking his soon to be ex wife to Namibia, a country on the African continent that you may or may not be familiar with, on their very first divorce honeymoon. I thought that was a great holiday destination and I secretly thought that by the time they returned, the divorce would be off. They haven’t gotten back yet; but something tells me that this trip is going to restore rather than extinguish their commitment to each other.
Have you ever heard of Namibia? Remember when Angelina Jolie gave birth in Namibia? Her daughter Shiloh was born in Namibia. Well, besides that point of reference, I think Namibia is a spectacular destination for a divorce honeymoon or simply to divorce holiday or for any holiday at all. The place is a bonafide Eden! The wildlife is unbelievable. I mean, you look at these creatures in their habitats and you just suddenly understand what life is all about. Everything suddenly makes perfect sense. And you just feel so good to be alive, so at peace and so in sync with the universe. Like a resting lion.
What to do in Namibia? Well, the obvious answer is the safari. Really, you have not lived till you do that. And don’t divorce until you do that, either.
In addition to Namibia, I think Zimbabwe & South Africa are also splendid. These two nations offer similar pleasures as Namibia and you also get the ocean in South Africa (Zimbabwe of course is landlocked so no ocean but still so amazing with Victoria Falls and other sights) which is amazing! These three countries definitely offer you a different type of divorce holiday you ought to consider than the usual hots spots in Mexico and Europe.

And by the way, these three destinations are very popular with European tourists – more so than with American tourists – and are  well worth the exploration, investment and time. They can be pricey and obviously you need to take all necessary precautions. But you just can’t afford to miss out. Call your divorce travel agent today!
Thanks for Reading! Happy divorce traveling!
Grace Ann
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