On The Definition of "Hell" Being the Day You Are Blindsided By Divorce

Were you blindsided by divorce?

At this unique, never to be lived again moment in time, I am personally not in the best of places. I had the day from hell quite literally and I walked into my flat, dropped my pocket book, and poured myself a glass of white wine – which always fixes days like this, I wanna tell you.

One glass is all I need to be totally and completely bleept up. And I am waxing towards bleeptupland, darlings. I wanna tell you.

So in the meantime, my assignment for the day…I am eating buttered tartines with the white wine and really, it is hitting the spot. It is hitting the spot really, really well…
so where was I?…the butter is lightly salted and the wine is cheap but it is sooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood……

It is sweetish which I like, and it is called…..hang on a sec…the Dukes of Hazard! No, it’s not. Hang on…………..it’s called Duc de Castellac Côtes de Bergerac


Anyways. Before I completely self destruct with this post. (I actually don’t think it will get past our editor who can be a little bit of a stiff!) But, so what was I talking about in the title? Oh, the day from hell and getting hit with a divorce demand.

Yea. That is awful. I would recommend a glass of Duc de Castellac Sauvignon blanc unless you have a drinking problem in which case I recommend a glass of water garnished with lemon.
But for shock’s sakes, how can a day like this even be possible? Right? Speaking of being blindsided?

I think I deserve this glass of wine for getting through this day without screaming at someone or otherwise losing my dignity.

And you? Got served divorce papers? Were you blindsided? That has to be worse than the day I had.

Well, look, tomorrow is another day. Here’s to tomorrow being a better day than today.

Cheers! 🙂