On Being called a "fat piece of garbage" by your husband

Did you husband call you a FAT PIECE OF GARBAGE?

I just read a article about this woman who was called a fat piece of garbage by a man she loved.  As a woman who struggles with her weight, I find it almost unforgivable to have a boyfriend, lover or husband who calls me a “fat piece of garbage.” This is beyond mean. The poor girl in the article I just read made the best of it and emerged ok. But there are so many other sensitive women out there who would forever be destroyed by stuff like this.
I remember one time when I was walking in NYC at South Street Seaport, some buy called me a “fat bitch.” He had made a pass at me and I had ignored him. But I never forgot that and it has hurt me to this day and I didn’t even know this guy.

What kind of man abuses his wife or girlfriend with words like this? I think it is a man with very low self esteem. He probably feels as if he is a piece of garbage and he is projecting that feeling onto his girlfriend.

I think a lot of girls can be verbally abusive to their men but when a man is verbally abusive, it really is beyond the pale. He can really hurt a woman’s feelings very badly. Because no woman would voluntarily be fat. If a woman is fat is it safe to assume she could not help being that way.

It is very cruel and in very poor taste for a man to call his wife or girlfriend ‘a fat piece of garbage.”

I think she should file for divorce or break up with this loser. He is a dog. Seriously. And she shouldn’t even waste another minute with him.

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