Divorce Cakes: Do they Taste Different from Wedding Cakes?

Divorce Cakes: On Eating a Slice of Your Own Divorce Cake for Breakfast

Sometimes, the marriage just didn’t work and the best you can do, is eat some divorce cake for breakfast. What can I say? Except that you can eat your divorce cake with class and with the assurance that life does go on after divorce. You do not have to become Betty Broderick.
Actually, I was just reading an article called Cutting Ties by Cutting Cake – Divorce Cakes are Trending and Here are Some of the Best. I think it is an Irish website and the photos were classics. Absolutely gorgeous. I remembered that I had just done an article about cakes for Divorce Saloon called Why Are You Getting Divorced? It was that Damned Wedding Cake and didn’t necessarily want to write another one about divorce cakes. But of course my editor asked me to do another one on the topic since she feels that I need to distinguish between the wedding cake and the divorce cake. Well, ok, Lawyer X!

Divorce cake pics
Best Divorce Cakes

I didn’t find a huge distinction between wedding cakes and divorce cakes to tell you the truth except that the divorce cakes are always a distortion of the wedding cakes and I am not even sure if that is good. I am not sure that it sends the right message  to people actually getting divorced, that somehow the next step is a distortion.

But I guess it is more tongue in cheek than anything else. Nobody is trying to be negative when they make these cakes. They are being funny and they are trying to be light-hearted. And if you are in on the joke then I guess it is fine.

Do divorce cakes taste different from Wedding cakes? That is a good question. I don’t know. I have never ever eaten a slice of divorce cake in my life. Have you?

Divorce cakes
Divorce cakes…how do they taste?

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