Eat Strong So You Can Handle Your Divorce!

Handle your divorce by Eating Strong! Try these Eggs Benedict

handle your divorce
handle your divorce with this strong breakfast

You need to be strong to handle your divorce. You need to get all the nutrients from all the food groups. So come on. Let’s have some eggs benedict for breakfast. Get your protein, carbs and vitamins when you are going through divorce so that you will be strong and rigorous and invincible.

And by the way to handle your divorce you also need to take supplements if necessary but try to get your nutrients from your food as much as possible.

But having a good, strong breakfast is one of the best ways to handle things with fortitude and finesse. I always like egg and toast when life is tough because it sticks to the ribs and makes you feel more in control, don’t you agree?

But definitely, you will need energy and this is not the time to be going on no “divorce diet.”
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