Mel B Divorce: Is Mel Brown Using Her Divorce as a Reality Show Demo Tape? Is this a Publicity Stunt to be the New Kim Kardashian?

Are Mel B and her Publicists Using Her Divorce From Stephen Belafonte as a PR Stunt to Shop a Reality TV show later on?

Mel B’s Divorce: Is Mel Brown Trying to Be the New Kim Kardashian?

Mel B’s divorce sounds like a sextape fixing to get diffused (against her wishes!) on the Internet. Is this all a PR stunt? Remember how some people accused Kim Kardashian of imitating Paris Hilton and using her sex tape “like a recipe” to gain fame, fortune and notoriety? No one, least of all me, knows if this is true, but no one can deny that Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, instead of making her a social pariah as it would have years ago, turned her into a superstar and American icon. In fact, her whole family is famous thanks to the start Kim and her sex tape gave them. And no offense to Kim and her family because they have certainly come a long way since the sex tape and are trying to evoke a positive image for themselves in some ways. But who can deny that that sex tape of Kim’s literally catapulted her to global fame?

This post is not a moral indictment of the reality show siren, nor is it about her family and their fame.

This post is about Mel B’s Divorce.

It seems that everyday I wake up, there is a new headline about Mel B’s divorce. Who is leaking this stuff and why? But Mel herself is the biggest giveaway. She doesn’t say much but whenever she goes out for the cameras, she is camera ready and gorgeous as if she has the starring role in her own blockbuster movie. She must have read our article on How to Have a Glamourous Divorce.

But is it more than just the glamour? Is Mel actually auditioning for a part in the next hit Reality TV Show based on her life, marriage, affairs, sexual exploits and her kids?
We have a few articles on Mel’s divorce and I was just telling one of my colleagues that before Mel B’s divorce, we have never, ever written about her. So her divorce is actually making her famous! I  am sure she had her fans before but this divorce is pushing her through the stratosphere.

I have actually grown suspicious that there is a hidden agenda in these headlines. Someone, in my opinion, is working to work Mel’s divorce so that when the dust settles, Mel’s got star power and global cachet and they will be able to shop the reality show to producers and rake in the millions the way the Kardashians did.

I’m just saying.

And it’s not that it makes her a bad person if this is the goal. I am all for being goal-oriented. But I am just saying, don’t take me for a fool cause I can see through this whole thing and I am not the only one who can.

Ok? Mel B? You Scary Spice little thing?
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