The Nanny Divorce Diaries:

In the Nanny Divorce Diaries Part I which we published in 2008, we tried to even understand what differentiates a nanny from a regular babysitter and then the whole idea of her stealing your husband right out of your bed.

In the Nanny Diaries Part II we talked about the importance of being nice to the nanny for fear that being a mean witch to her could cost you custody down the road.

In Nanny Diaires Part III it’s all about advising you never to sleep with the nanny and even more important, never to hire a nanny who is more gorgeous than you are, in anticipation of the divorce which, for most people in certain milieu, is all but predictable.

But seriously how many nanny horror stories need to be heard before Hollywood stars and upperclass rich people with resources to afford nannies, learn their lesson?

It’s like Rule # 1: NEVER HIRE A NANNY WHO IS MORE GORGEOUS THAN YOU ARE, LADIES! It especially should be a red flag if she comes to your home looking all innocent and clueless. This is an act! No woman, not even an 18 year old fresh out of high school in Germany, is “innocent.” Not one. Once they are in your home, they are competition and they are going to try to steal your husband. And, your husband will be willing to get stolen by these interlopers.
Jennifer Garner is a Hollywood actress who allegedly had nanny problems, with her husband Ben. Whether those rumors are true or false, who knows? But it is truly stunning how many of these women hire other women to care for their husband and kids who are more gorgeous than they are. It is insane.

There have been so many others, like Gwen Stefani. Didn’t a nanny bust up her marriage to Gavin Rossdale? Soon Yi Priven was not a nanny but she was a teenager – very innocent faced teenager. Maria Shriver’s nanny was not all that innocent faced. Goes to show it is not just about the innocent face.

Mel B is the latest star to have nanny problems but this one is new. The nanny, Lorraine Gilles who was 18 at the time when she allegedly met Mel B and Stephen Belafonte as an au pair from Germany, is apparently suing Mel B for defamation based on Mel B’s divorce papers which claimed the nanny had a relationship with her husband Stephen Belafonte and got pregnant and that Belafonte paid for the nanny to abort the baby. The nanny apparently copped to an abortion according to People Magazine but the nanny also claims it was from a one night stand and not from Belafonte, but that the main sexual partner she had in that relationship/”marriage” was Mel B herself!

The nanny claims that she had a seven year sexual relationship with Mel B and that only occasionally did she sleep with Mel B’s husband Stephen and this was only when Mel B was present and filming the whole event in bed!

I mean, Jesus Christ. Right? Jesus Christ.

The whole thing sounds like a filthy and sordid mess of a marriage, involving a whole bunch of very depraved individuals who had no business bringing children into their debauchery. But that is another story.

The point of this post is the nanny. Why do women continue to hire these gorgeous nannies to care for their kids? Are these women delusional about their own looks? Do they actually not see that the nannies are more gorgeous than they? Or is it a false sense of trust they have in their husbands? This makes no sense.

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