Divorce Travel: Where to Go for Your Divorce Anniversary Trip

RE: Your Divorce Anniversary Trip

Getting past your divorce and living to talk about it a whole year later (or several years later)  is worth celebrating with a special divorce anniversary trip. Don’t you agree? I bet you never thought you could have gotten through a whole year after that experience. But you did. A lot of people do. Step by step, day by day, they cope and they trudge through it till next thing you know, they wake up and they realize “oh my gosh, it’s my divorce anniversary! I have been divorced for a year,” or whatever the case may be.

So where should you go to celebrate this milestone?  Well, I think any of the trips I discussed in these posts can be a good idea for your divorce anniversary trip, such as the cross country trip by train and I do like this post by Jeannie G. about Destination spas and I think this would be a nice idea for a divorce anniversary trip.

But if none of those appeal to you, how about a sky-diving or scuba diving trip? I can’t think of a more exhilarating way to celebrate your divorce anniversary than jumping out of a fast moving plane. With a parachute that works, of course. 🙂


Happy divorce anniversary and happy divorce traveling!

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