DIVORCE SUPPORT BLOGS: 8 Forum For Divorce Help, Divorce Support and Advice


Where to Find Divorce Support, Help and Advice on the Internet

Divorce Support websites, blogs and forum proliferate on the Internet. Years ago, we published a piece called 50 Great Support Groups. It is one group per state a you just have to click the link to access this list of resources if you are searching help handling your divorce. We know it is not easy. 🙂 But you are not alone and there are all these places you can go to find like-minded people who are experiencing similar things and challenges as you are. In addition to that list of support groups, we also have a page with resources such as webinars, websites, etc., which you can link to here. Finally, if you link to Divorce Saloon newspaper you can find a link to another page of with a Divorce Saloon curated list of other possible “Divorce Support” resources you potentially could find helpful. Added to those three venues, below find a list of external resources that offer DIVORCE SUPPORT:

1. Blogs and websites

  • Divorce support.com
  • Divorce Doctor
  • Resolution
  • Midlife divorce recovery
  • Parent connection Blog

2. Divorce Support Forum

  • Women’s Divorce
  • Divorce Saloon Divorce Forum
  • Divorce Source
  • Divorce Support, UK

3. Support groups & clubs

  • Divorce club
  • Daily Strength
  • Divorce Care
  • First Wives World

4. Divorce Support meetups

  • Newly divorced meetup
  • Divorced Women Meetup
  • New York City Divorce Support Meetup
  • Separated/Divorced/Widowed Social Meetup

5. Online support groups

  • divorce support group
  • divorcedmoms.com
  • firstwivesworld
  • redditdivorce forum