Divorce Industry Buzz: Harvard Study Suggests Attractive People More Likely to Cheat

Are attractive people more likely to cheat? Harvard Study suggest that THE MORE ATTRACTIVE YOU ARE, THE HIGHER THE RISK OF DIVORCE

attractive people more likely to cheat
IS she a cheating risk because she is so attractive?

Divorce Industry Buzz: Attractive People More Likely to Cheat and to Get Divorced Than Less Attractive People! Consider marrying an ugly person instead!

A study by Harvard University students suggests that the less attractive you are, the more likely you are to enjoy longevity and stability in your marriage and the more attractive you are, the higher your rate of divorce will be. The subtext seems to be that gorgeous people will have more options for lovers and tend to have a little bit of a roving eye whereas ugly people are less desired and desirable so there are fewer temptations to cheat and thus it is a blessing for their marriage.

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