How About a Divorce Staycation in New York City!

A Divorce Staycation in New York

From: Grace Ann Diaz for Divorce Saloon International Re: Divorce Staycation in New York City for Divorcées Looking for Travel Ideas (for the weekend or longer)
Hello Everyone!
Have you ever heard of a divorce staycation? Do you live in New York and got divorced in New York? By New York, I mean all five boroughs. I can tell you that divorce in New York is no more fun than divorce anywhere else. But now that it is over you may be thinking you want to take a holiday to decompress but since your New York Divorce Attorney took all your money for your divorce retainer, you can’t afford the trip I recommended to the six off the beaten track islands or even to French Polynesia. Is that right? Well don’t fret. Luckily for you, you live in the most exciting city in the whole entire world. Really, it does not get any more exciting than New York.  The only thing more exciting than living in New York and getting divorced in New York is probably going to be a divorce staycation in New York. The neat thing about a staycation especially one in New York, is you can stay indefinitely and get to all the sites at your leisure without even having to pack a suitcase or deal with long lines at the airport.
What, you ask, can you do in New York when you already live there? Answer: Plenty! I bet that you have seen less of your own city than the average tourist has. It is like that everywhere. Only the tourists get the enjoy the best of your own home town. Well, let’s change that right now. Here are a few ideas for stuff to do during your “after divorce” staycation in New York:

Art in New York

Why not check out the art scene in New York?  Seriously, even if you live in the City, when was the last time you checked out the scene in Chelsea,  Soho, Tribeca or anywhere downtown? You have plenty of options from art spaces, museums and galleries such as can be found at this link. There are even open air venues.

In addition, what about the classic museums? When was the last time you went to any of these?:

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • The Frick Collection
  • The MET Opera/Ballet
  • The Brooklyn Museum
  • The Jewish Museum
  • The Transit Museum
  • The Intrepid
Daytime in New York

Again, by New York I am talking about all the boroughs. You can just buy a weekly metrocard and be on your way so long as the weather permits to any of these venues during your staycation in New York:

  • Central Park
  • Bryant Park
  • South Street Seaport
  • Staten Island on the Staten Island Ferry
  • Bronx Zoo
  • Prospect Park
  • Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
  • The Roosevelt Avenue Tram
Staten Island Ferry
Staten Island Ferry

No staycation in New York is complete without a morceau of the nightlife. New York is world famous for its nightlife whether you are catching a late show at Radio City Music Hall or an off Broadway play to be folowed up by a few drinks at the hottest bar of the month and then a late dinner and then dancing in the Meatpacking District. This part is a bit out of my depth but you can google NYC nightlife to get some ideas of what is available. Below is a list, however lame, of some options:

  • Broadway
  • MET Opera
  • Lavo Nightclub
  • Black Flamingo nightclub
  • Provocateur night club
  • The Box

During your divorce staycation, why not check into one of these iconic NYC hotels for a few days, weeks or months. Heck, live in if you can afford it while you clear you head after your divorce:

Staycation in New York
Staycation at the Plaza, NYC!
  • The Jane Hotel (Great ballroom)
  • The Plaza
  • The Warldorf Astoria
  • The Pierre
  • The St. Regis
  • The Four Seasons
  • The Ritz Carlton
  • The Penninsula
  • The Algonquin

Where are the best places to shop in New York? That is almost an oxymoron because it is going to depend on what you want to buy. Clothes? Chocolates? Stationery? Shoes? Houses? Cars? Vintage? Jewelry? Cigars? It all depends on what you want. High end luxury boutiques? For the latter, head to Fifth Avenue. For the rest, check out That, you already knew, though, right? So where else can you go for fun staycation shopping in addition to all that? Well, you also can check out:

  • Gagosian @the Carlyle Galleries
  • The Shops at Columbus Circle
  • Bergdorf Goodman
  • Fivestory
  • Barneys
  • Henri Bendel
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Bird (Williamsburg)
  • Canal Street Market

Treat yourself and a friend to a meal at one of these locations:

  • Mr. Chow
  • Great New York Noodle Town
  • The Lobster Place
  • K-Town Bar
  • The Balthazar
  • Katz’s Delicatessen
Day trips to Brooklyn (assuming you live in one of the other boroughs)
  • Brooklyn Museum
  • Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
  • DUMBO (for lunch)
  • New York Water Taxi (to Manhattan)
  • Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island
  • Ebbetts Field
  • Coney Island
  • Promenade in Brooklyn Heights
  • Williamsburg
  • Transit Museum
  • Downtown Brooklyn (walking and shopping + seeing a movie)

There. Happy now? Ready to enjoy a brand new life and a brand new you? Feeling replenished, fresh and happy? Glad you didn’t even have to fly anywhere? Me too. I am happy for you. All the best with the rest of your life.

Grace Ann
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