How to get the SEXY Back Into Your Marriage Before it Blows up With a Big, Fat Divorce

GET THE SEXY BACK: How to Have a Sexy Marriage and Avoid Divorce

Marriage on the rocks? Maybe you need to put the sexy back into it.

Sexy is not just about sex but sex is about 90 percent of sexy. This begs for a disclaimer though and it is this: I don’t personally like sex. I think it is just gross and animalistic and unhygienic. I haven’t engaged in it in the last 15 – 17 years. And I don’t plan on ever doing that again till the day I die. Ok? But. I am not married so it doesn’t matter. If you are married you can’t do what I do you have to do as I say and if you think sex does not matter in your marriage, you are crazy. Sex is very important in marriage. It is a basis for divorce in many places in the world. In New York, for example, it is called CONSTRUCTIVE ABANDONMENT when you refuse to have sex with your spouse for an entire year or longer.

Can you imagine going an entire year without sex when you have someone sleeping next to you in bed? It is one thing if you are single and nobody wants to buy the cow and so you decide to keep all the milk for yourself. But when you are married, you have to have sex or it’s a big problem for everyone.

How do you rev up your sex life when the very last thing you want to do is have sex? How do you put the sexy back in your marriage?

Here are 12 things you can do to get the sexy back in your marriage:

  1. Take medication (there is a lot out there other than just viagra but that might not be a bad place to start)
  2. Do special exercises in your nether zones that will enable you to feel (like K-gels etc.)
  3. Invest in sex education. Read books, watch movies, talk to other people about their own techniques and experiences, watch YouTube, subscribe to naughty magazines
  4. Get in shape physically so that you look and feel sexy and this will help you to be an act more sexy
  5. Become more in tune with your partner by talking, listening and doing things together that will increase the pleasure for you both
  6. Get some Sexy lingerie
  7. Try new venues and positions
  8. Buy some sex toys, oils and other gadgets and Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP is a great source of information and inspiration on that topic.
  9. Reconsider hygiene practices and make any necessary tweaks and improvements
  10. Go to the dentist (very important)
  11. See the gyn or the man doctor (in case there are health issues that are affecting your libido)
  12. This is a don’t: DO NOT DO A THREESOME! This is a recipe for a Mel B type divorce!!!

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