6 FINANCIAL ADVICE Blogs For Women and Divorced Mothers


6 Financial advice blogs For Women

Women need financial advice when they get divorced, probably even more than men do and that is why it is so important to read financial advice blogs. FINANCIAL LITERACY IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR  all WOMEN AFTER DIVORCE, in all income brackets, but especially true for high net worth women who get a lump sum of money after their divorce and who need help with their long term wealth management.

Without proper financial planning for the long term, many women quite frankly “blow” their divorce settlement money well before their retirement years and in some cases they find themselves going back to court trying to get more money from their husbands decades after the divorce has been finalized. In fact, the stringent alimony and maintenance laws in many states were enacted in order to prevent women from becoming “welfare charges” and it is not hard to understand why. True, many of these laws came into force generations ago when most women did not work outside their home and were completely financially dependent on their husband. But there still exists today a kind of financial disparity between men and women and more women than men fall into financial difficulties after divorce.
Here are 6 financial advice blogs that could help you, if you are a woman, deal with managing your wealth and properly planning your financial future after divorce:

  1. Dailyworth.com
  2. Gogirlfinance.com
  3. Wealthysinglemommy.com
  4. Frugalmom.com
  5. The Family CEO
  6. Jeff Landers at Forbes

Of course, there are many more financial advice blogs for women on the internet that are very useful and helpful. This list is just a starting point for you.

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