8 Types of Workouts to Reduce Divorce Stress

Reduce Divorce Stress With These 8 Exercises

There is no better way to reduce divorce stress than with exercise. Not even medication is as good as good old workouts, because workouts use up certain hormones that make you feel good and spur you to greater action while medications just numb the pain. Which would you rather?

These eight different sports that are particularl well adapted to help you reduce, get rid of or manage divorce stress:


This sport is high energy and you will definitely work up a sweat. You don’t need a partner; just yourself and a wall could do. You can take out all your aggression on the wall in fact. Great stress reducer.


Knocking the heck out of an inflated ball will do wonders for your levels of divorce stress. It is also a way to release pent up aggression.


Running is great because you not only build stamina and endurance, you also have time to just think and reflect. It also burns up a lot of calories and helps you sweat out the toxins.

Walking is a calm version of running. You will work up a sweat depending on how quickly you stride. But it’s real benefit to people experiencing divorce stress is the fact that you have so much time to reflect and think and ponder.

Gliding through the cool, refreshing water in a pool or in the ocean is a real panacea for divorce stress. It calms and refreshes and renews mind, body and spirit.


Rock or wall climbing gives you a sense of control and strength and endurance and power. You need these emotions in abundant supply to not only manage your divorce stress but to get though the process, period.


Kickboxing is a good divorce stress reliever because it gives you a forum to release a lot of your aggressions.


Tennis is a great divorce stress reliever because first of all you can release a lot of your aggression but you also have an opponent so it helps you to imagine “comebacks” and “saves” in the context of the divorce.

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