On Being Erotic Enough For Your Spouse

Could NOT being erotic enough cause your spouse to divorce you?

Let me ask you this question: Do you think Angelina Jolie was erotic enough for Brad Pitt? What about Liz Taylor and her various husbands? Do you think they thought she was erotic? And, I mean, don’t get me wrong. I am not even sure why I am bringing this up. Cause I don’t know what the hell it has to do with anything but I am getting pressure to come up with original posts and so this one popped into my head about the erotic quotient of people’s marriages and how does this personality or character kink factors into divorce rates.

I mean, just cause you are erotic does not mean you can sustain a marriage for the duration. And, I mean, exactly and what does this even mean, being “erotic” I am not even sure. Is it different, for example, from being “sexy”?  Am gonna check the dictionary. Hang on…………..yea. Based on this definition, I think Brad Pitt found Angelina Jolie VERY erotic. Certainly she “aroused his sexual desire.” Whether she “satisfied” it is another question that only he knows. Because being erotic is the two. It is arousing and satisfying sexual desire in someone else.

Angelina certainly looked VERY erotic ten years ago.

Why am I talking about Brad and Angelina? We are all talking about her over here. Two colleagues are working on posts about the Hollywood actress and so  I decided to try to pre-empt them.

I think it is possible to NOT be erotic enough for your spouse. I think it is possible to arouse your spouse’s sexual desire. But then, after having done that, it is possible, I think,  not to satisfy those desires for one reason or another. So you frustrate the living bejesus out of the poor guy or girl basically.

Which is highly problematic, obviously. It could totally lead to divorce. It was like that guy who told me, “I will open you up like a flower.” This was VERY erotic. But years later, I am still waiting for my flower garden!

Where am I going with this post?!

Well, so, what I am trying to say is the following: being erotic is more than being sexy, it would appear. You can be “sexy” and not arouse sexual desire in someone. You can be “sexy” and not satisfy someone’s sexual hunger. But it is not enough simply to arouse desire in someone else. You cannot be erotic by only arousing sexual desire. To be erotic you have to both arouse and satisfy sexual desire. This is what I think the dictionary definition says.

With that all said, the original question of this post is “are you erotic enough for your spouse”? Because if not, it could mean you will end up getting divorced at some point.
It is not a guarantee of divorce, however. So don’t flip out. Cause I do believe you can both arouse and satisfy your spouse’s sexual desires, that is, you are super EROTIC but fail to satisfy other things they need in order to sustain a marriage to you. Because people need more than eroticism in their lives. Much more. In fact, I think it is possible that you are totally NOT erotic to your spouse, like, they don’t touch you for years, but still are able to sustain a marriage based on other factors. So while being erotic is important, I do think many marriages can survive without it. Plus, too much of a good thing is bad. Look what happened to Brad and Angie.

Do you agree or disagree with my findings? What do you think of the pic I chose? Made me giggle 🙂

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