Brad Pitt Has Lost His Looks After Divorce

Brad Pitt Has Lost His Looks After Divorce

An absolutely ravaged-looking Brad Pitt admits to GQ Magazine that he couch surfed and slept on his friend’s floor during his divorce implosion from Angelina Jolie. It is incredible how the hottest male actor in Hollywood has aged in the last 10 years! OMG! He has compleletly lost his looks!

The award winning actor and producer has manfully taken the blame for the destruction of his  marriage and seemed to blame the whole thing on his problem with alcohol which he claims he no longer indulges in. Good for him that he did not remain silent and let Angelina take the blame for that as she easily could have when seemingly everyone turned on her after the divorce. Because, of course, it is always the woman’s fault when these things happen. It was Angelina’s fault, not Brad’s, that he cheated on his wife Jennifer Aniston in the first place. And by “cheated” one is not even necessarily referring to a physical encounter, although who knows? But certainly there seems to have been emotional infidelity during the filming of their movie Mr and Mrs Smith.

Well, fast forward a decade or so and Mr and Mrs Pitt are no more. Not only that, but Brad Pitt cannot seriously be considered the Most Good Looking guy in Hollywood anymore. It is a ridiculous notion because whatever he is at this point, Brad Pitt is not “hot.” Best wishes to him as he tries to restore his life to normal, don’t get me wrong. But whatever happened during that marriage has certainly seemed to have taken a toll on both of them – and mostly on him. The suddenness with which Brad Pitt’s marriage to Angelina Jolie ended also suggests that things had been mestastasizing for years – probably even from the beginning when they looked so happy and lovely and exciting together. Behind the scenes it may have been a whole different story. Probably. It is doubtful they were happy for more than the first year or so, IMHO.

Not to be totally catty but Jen could have the last laugh here. It is doubtful she will even bother to do that. She probably feels nothing but compassion for him. She once said, “I feel sorry for him.” She probably knows why. Another thing she said that came to fruition is “he has a sensitivity chip that is missing.” And during his interview Brad admitted to “not hearing” during his marriage to Angelina which he felt he had to “answer” hence his divorce from Jennifer Aniston. “Honestly, I did not know a better way to deal with that situation so that my attraction to Angie could be answered,” he said at the time when asked by an interviewer if he took any blame for ending his marriage to Jennifer the way he did.

Brad has lost his looks but his transformed face is definitely karma. He must have learned his lessons and he must have come to understand and realize that leaving Jennifer the way he did was “insensitive” and perhaps “unwise” and just was a cruel thing to do to someone. Those pics in W Magazine are not even the half of it.

No, it does not make him a bad person. Just human having to learn, like we all do.

But still, the way his face has transformed in the last 10 years is nothing but astonishing. With all the money he has on the bank, you would think he would spend a little bit on some botox. I wish I could show you the latest pic of this guy that I saw on the Internet but unfortunately, I do not have permission to use the copyrighted image. These in GQ are not what I am talking about. There are worse ones. But it is pretty astonishing. Really stunning. And proof that “looks” are very fleeting assets.  And I don’t say that to hurt this guy’s feelings. But he has completely lost his looks during/after his marriage to Angelina.

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