6 Ways to Radically Change Your Look After Divorce

6 Radical Ways to Change Your Look After Divorce

After divorce, you may want to change your look in a radical way, starting with your appearance. There is nothing wrong with that or crazy about it. It is quite normal to feel the need to start fresh after a divorce. Playing with your appearance could be a fun distraction after divorce and you could like the effect and impact so much that you make it permanent. But you may worry about what everybody else will say. My advice is that the last people you should be worried about is “other people.” They are not telling the truth about their own appearance. Behind the scenes, everybody has their little tricks. Everybody is doing what they can to enhanace themselves. And they start young! Even the teenagers are doing what they can to look even better! So why should be you look all frumpy just because you are middle aged and divorced?

So how can you begin to overhaul your appearance? Here are six ways:

  1. Get Colored contacts

If contacts are good enough for Kanye West and Ivanka Trump, they ought to be good enough for you. And what a drastic change they can make to your appearance. Or a subtle change. It depends on how different you go. Ivanka Trump’s contacts are very subtle so it took years before anybody noticed and only recently has media picked up on the fact that her eyes are always different colors. So depending on what color your eyes are naturally, contacts could or could not, on their own make a significant difference in your appearance. Sometimes, it is all you will need. But other times you will have to couple these tweaks with others to have a significant change in your appearance.

2. Get a major, radical chop or put in extensions (if you always had short hair)

A major change in your hair will make a significant impact on your appearance. Going from short to long in a short span of time definitely will get you some double takes. But changing the color can be even more radical. When your ex passes you on the streets, he will barely recognize the bombshell you have become with a change in the color of your tresses. Hair changes can also give you a bit of a revenge thrill if you change it to something your ex never liked. For example, going from brunette to blonde or going from long to short. It could make you feel like you took back the power over your life and person.

change your looks radically after divorce
radically change your looks
3. Drop a significant amount of weight

This one you have to manage with the aide of medical providers. Do not drastically and suddenly lose weight without doctors supervision. But done under the right conditions, this is definitely a way to radically change your appearance after divorce. You can even go as far as getting surgeries, like gastric by-pass to help you keep your weight under control when diet and exercise are not enough.

4. Completely redo your wardrobe

A wardrobe redo is expensive but probably less so than other types of changes, like surgical ones. And no pain is involved. So you can just pull out your credit card and hit the department stores; or better yet, if you can afford it, hire a stylist. But the idea is to get a whole new “look.” No point in going out there spending money to look like the same old boring old you.

5. Change your skin tone (tanning or bleaching)

Depending on your skin tone, you may want to tan or bleach. One is definitely less frowned up on than the other. But the result is the same, changing your skin tone because you prefer to look a different way whether permanently or temporarily. The bottom line is that your body is your body and your skin is your skin and you really don’t have to answer to anybody for any decisions you make about your own skin that has nothing to do with anybody else’s skin. If they can get breast implants, you can tan or bleach. Plus, look at the Kardashians. They make no apologies. Good for them. And really, billions of women (and men) of all races, colors and creeds in the world either/and/or bleach and tan their skin. It is just that many people like to lie about it.

6. Get plastic surgery  or other cosmetic procedure)

Another way to get a radically different post-divorce look is to get cosmetic procedures like botox, waxing, facelifts, brow lifts, lasers, peels, transplants, eye lid lifts, nose jobs etcetera. You would be amazed how many people get their noses done every day in the world! Then they pretend it is natural. No it is not. They are lying. But they try to psyche you out to keep a “less attractive” face by staying “natural.” Nobody is “natural” anymore. Everybody is doing something to enhance themselves. Nobody is saying you have to get “revenge plastic surgery” but there is so much that people do to themselves to enhance their looks beyond bleaching and tanning and if it is good enough for the goose, you can do it too if it makes you feel more beautiful. As noted in this post, botox and fillers are the rage for divorced people acording to latest divorce industry buzz. Why not?

So as I noted, everybody has their own beauty tricks and you don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to enhance yourself whether you are divorced or not.

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