Dating After Divorce: How Young Should You Go, Cougar?

Dating After Divorce: How Much of a Cougar Should You Be?

Dating after divorce is such a huge thing, it has spawned a multi billion dollar industry world wide. There are all sorts of dating websites, hotels, restaurants and other industries that are trying to capitalize on this demographic of people who are getting back into the dating pool after divorce.

Women in particular worry about dating after divorce

In fact, Divorce Saloon is in the process of launching (or re-launching if you want to know the truth) our dating site which will be called TRUE ROMANCE.
While we wait for our developer to iron out some left over kinks, I thought I would write a post called Dating After divorce: How young should you go.
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So, How young Should You Go?

I am a sexist. Among other things. I think the answer is different for men and women. Why? I don’t know. I thought about it and I debated whether I should be honest about it or fake it and say that I don’t believe gender matters with these things. But I think it does for a successful relationship and while I don’t have the statistics at my finger tips, I believe the stats will support this personal belief I hold: age imbalanced couples and marriages are more successful when the woman is  younger than the man.

It does not mean a woman cannot be a cougar and get away with it insofar as sustaining a long term, successful marriage.

And think about it: even when couples are the same age, divorce can happen. Most marriages are probably age balanced and look at the divorce rate. Divorce in under 5 years is very, very common no matter what the age. So the idea that couples who are vastly different in age are somehow more prone to divorce? I am not sure that I want to go out on that limb. Because if the marriage lasts more than 5 years (and for many of these so called age imbalanced couples it does) I think this is success and quite in line with the rest of the dating/marriage demographic.
But this post is about dating after divorce. The question is how young should you go if you have the choice before taking any untoward actions or straddling the line of indecency.
I think 15 years is the maximum age difference between a couple where the woman is older than the man. (For same sex couples, I am not even sure what the spread should be. We need to talk to Georgia Ball about that. She is the gay relationships expert for Divorce Saloon).
For couples where the man is older, I think a man can go up to 20 years.
Both these numbers are flexible because it depends on the two people as well. Chronological age is not the only factor that determines how old someone is. Plus, if you are just having a good time versus looking for a potential mate, my answer would change. I would probably say there is no age limit if you are just looking for a good time, no strings attached, no relationship desired. But as a general rule I think 15 years younger for women and 20 years younger for men as far as selecting dating mates after divorce.
Do you agree or disagree?
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