Leave Your Husband For Your Boyfriend, Or Not?: When is Divorcing Your Spouse For the Lover a Good Idea?

Leave Your Husband or Not? Is the Boyfriend Pressuring You to Get a Divorce

Leave your husband or not? The question of whether to leave your husband for your lover is definitely a conundrum for a lot of women who find themselves with an exciting, earnest, demanding boyfriend even though they are married.

Is it ever a good idea to leave your husband for your lover? That is a million dollar question. There is no one size fits all answer with that. The fact that you are even asking this question means that you are embroiled in an extra marital affair, first of all.

Understandably, this poses all sorts of moral and ethical questions at the threshold. However, this post is not about the morality or immorality of your acts. It is about whether you should leave your husband for your boyfriend.

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To attempt to answer the question, let’s examine the following case study:

In 2017, Emmanuel Macron became the president of France. At 39, he was the youngest president the country had ever had, and his wife Brigitte who is 24 years older than he, became first lady of the Republic, and one of its oldest first ladies. At the time of their rencontre, Mr Macron was a student in the school where Brigitte taught drama and though he was only 15 years old, and she was 39, the two fell in love. Brigitte was married when she met Macron and had two daughters, one of whom was in the same high school class as her future husband. So their age spread (from a gender perspective) was also the biggest the country had ever seen.

To make a long story short, legend has it that Mr Macron exerted enormous pressure on Brigitte to leave her husband and marry him. She fought him tooth and nail and even got his parents to try to discourage his love for her. She sent him off to Paris to attend university while she remained in Amiens, a small town far away. Mr Macron did go to Paris and attended university but when he was done, he returned to his hometown and continued to pressure Brigitte to leave her husband.

Eventually, Brigitte succumbed to Emmanuel. She left her husband for her young lover and they married about a year after that. A few years post marriage, he won the French presidency and she became the first lady of France.