# 1 Way to Get Over Your Ex Fast

#1 Way to Get over Your Ex Fast is to Eliminate all Contact

# 1 way to get over your ex fast, is you have to eliminate all contact with him or her.
Just don’t call and don’t accept any calls.

This is a basic rule for getting over your ex: NO CONTACT. Really and truly, it is rule number one and it should be obvious and it shouldn’t need to be said.

Admittedly it is not always the easiest thing to do to cut all contact with your ex, because you are hung up on this person and they have some kind of hold on you. We all can be hung up on our ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands or ex-girlfriend or ex-wife. This is normal. But it is also the one thing that keeps you chained to them. So you have to figure out how to not be hung up and be strong.

Don’t call them and don’t accept their call when they call you (unless you have kids in which case insist on emails).

Unfollow them on social media including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Change your phone number.

Block their email address in Gmail or yahoo or whatever.

Delete their number from your mobile phone.

Move to a place where they can’t find you.

There are other radical things you can do to get over your ex fast which maybe I will cover in another post.

But for now, just know that the best and # 1 way to get over your ex fast is to eliminate ALL CONTACT.

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