#1 Way to Save Your Marriage? Go Minimalist.

The #1 Way to Save Your Marriage is to Go Minimalist

The #1 Way to save your marriage is to go minimalist. What does that mean? It just means doing less, having less, saying less, thinking less and demanding less.

If minimalism is the #1 way to save your marriage, what does “doing less actually mean? Well for example, you can save your marriage by doing less with friends and extended family and more with just the two of you. This is a minimalist move, and it is so simple, with potentially great benefits that include greater amounts of bonding time with each other.

You can also do less and save your marriage by spending less time online, for example. If you spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer, this is precious minutes and hours you could give to your marriage. This notion is consistent with the argument that the #1 way to save your marriage is through minimalism because, obviously, the more quality time you spend with your spouse and family, the less likely your marriage will end up in the dust heap of failed marriages.

Doing less to save your marriage could also have to do with your work outside the home. If you do less at work, you may leave the office earlier and get home sooner and thus have more time for your spouse.

Having less could mean having fewer material possessions which cost a lot of money that your couple cannot afford. Minimalizing your spending maximizes the savings on your bank account and enables you to afford, perhaps, more valuable things like a home, or higher education, or save for your retirement.

Having less could also be things like furniture, electronics, clothing, and jewellery.
But having less could also be less obvious, and more subtle. For example, if you have less of a sense of entitlement, you may end up being less selfish (me, me, me) and more generous towards your spouse.

Going minimalist and saving your marriage could mean being less noisy and more quiet. Quieter people tend to  listen a bit better (it certainly is easier to listen) than people who are gabbing all the time. Shut up a little bit. Stop yelling and shouting and ranting and raving. Say less. Silence can be the best answer sometimes. Silence can mean there is on fighting (don’t be passive aggressive, though) and so this could end up saving your marriage.

To save your marriage think and demand less. This is also part of the minimalist philosophy. Too much thinking and analysis creates paralysis, indecision and unnecessary “no” answers. Be a little bit more spontaneous. Infuse your marriage with a little bit of excitement. It is like a shot of adrenaline to the brain and it is good for your marriage. Correspondingly, stop being so demanding! It’s not all about you. To save your marriage, you really have to step out of yourself and just stop expecting so much of the other person.

What do you think? Do you agree that the #1 way to save your marriage is with a minimalist approach?

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