Weight Gain From Divorce: Get Rid of Unwanted Pounds With These 5 Tips

Weight Gain From Divorce: How to Lose all that Weight and Unwanted Pounds

Weight gain from divorce is not usually a big concern for a lot of people. It is quite the opposite, actually. Most people complain about weight loss from divorce! We have done a few posts on the Divorce Diet and other related topics, in fact, because divorce, it turns out, is like a diet for a lot of people. They spontaneously just lose all this weight!
But not everyone. Unfortunately. Some people gain weight during and right after divorce. This is due to how they process their divorce stress. They probably took this post about eating ice cream too literally, who knows? But for some people, they have to contend with weight gain from divorce and in this post, we would like to try to help you combat this problem if you have it.

So how you lose these unwanted pounds?

  1. Walk a lot.

There are all sorts of exercises you can do to help you lose weight – even weight gain from divorce. In 8 Types of Exercises To Help You Deal With Divorce Stress we discussed some of these exercises.

Indeed, one of the best forms of exercise for the latter is walking. Walking is one of the best most natural forms of exercise that do not require expensive equipment and pricey gym outfits. Walking should be a way of life for everyone but unfortunately for some people, it is not very convenient – especially if they live in the suburbs, etc. But no matter where you live, walking is highly recommended as a strategy for divorce weight gain and getting rid of those unwanted pounds you gained from your divorce. Plus it lowers your blood pressure and helps to normalise your blood sugar levels. You really need to walk most of all. Even if you did not gain a lot of weight from your divorce.

2. Get more sleep

Sleeping is very important for regulating your weight. For a lot of people who have weight issues, you will find they also have sleep issues. They stay up late and the later they are up, the later they eat and the less time their bodies have to digest the food they eat at 2 or 3 in the morning. As a result, guess what? They gain tons. So to deal with weight gain from divorce, you have to find a solution to your sleep problems. Talk to your doctor or try a holistic solution.

And do not overlook the importance of a good, comfortable mattress. In fact, one of the reasons you may not be sleeping well is your mattress, not your divorce! Worse, it could have been the same mattress that caused your divorce in the first place!
So consider getting a new bed if necessary otherwise, you will just gain more and more weight.

3. Try yoga

Yoga is a natural, healing exercise that is low impact and focuses on not only the act of exercise, but the life style changes as well. There is a yoga center on practically every street corner of every town in the United States and there are many yoga centers all over the world as well. In the post Divorce Yoga, we also recommended it as an aid for dealing with divorce stress.

4. Take a high impact aerobics class with other people like you

If you take a class with people who are having a similar issue like you – that is people who are divorced and who are dealing with weight gain from divorce, you will be able to build up a buddy system and you will be more likely to keep going to the class than if you just join any old class filled with people you don’t know and who don’t care about you. Are there any divorce exercise clubs near you? You need to be around people who care about you and people who have similar challenges like you to really cope with and solve this problem of weight gain from divorce.

4. Change your buying habits at the supermarket

One of the reasons you have gained weight is that you are eating more and it is probably a lot of junk. Gaining weight, in other words, is as much about how much as it is about when as it is about why as it is about what. What are you buying at the supermarket? Because if you have all this weight gain from your divorce, it suggests that what you are buying could be fattening and you need to stop buying it. Short of that, buy less of it or short of that, think about when you are eating and why you are eating it before you put it into your mouth.

5. Get therapy

If you have a lot of weight gain from divorce, it could be that you have a problem emotionally and you are eating a lot because you don’t have a handle on your emotional issues. For this, you may need professional help. Consider getting therapy. Talking to a therapist can be very helpful in allowing you to find clarity and to come to a place of acceptance whereby you stop using food as a crutch.

In conclusion, weight gain from divorce must be dealt with on a few different levels. It is never just about the food. There are all these other aspects to it, that include your mindset and your emotional wellbeing, as well as your buying habits and how much sleep you are getting. Plan on attacking this problem on several different levels if you are serious about resolving this issue.

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