Father's Rights Lawyers & Attorneys: Do You Know the Top #1 Father's Rights Lawyer Near You?

Father’s Rights boutique law firms have been popping up all over the country. Many law firms today, that is all they do: FATHER’S RIGHTS.

Why are there so many father’s rights law firms? Well, because there is a need for this specialization given the explosion of cases where fathers are losing their rights in Divorce Court and in Custody battles in family court.

Father's Rights attorney, lawyer near me
Father’s Rights Lawyer near me

Fathers across America have identified their experience in divorce and family court as being a major life crisis. Many feel they are railroaded in court by judges, lawyers and their ex wives and mothers of their children. They are made out to be the bad guys, as the sole reason their relationships went bad. But it is more than that. There are 4 key reasons that Father’s Rights law firms are now so plentiful. It is to help men and father’s protect their rights as to:

False accusations of child abuse

Of course there are incidences of parents abusing their children, all over the world. But who can deny that when it comes to certain types of abuse, like sexual abuse, fathers are more likely than mothers to be falsely accused? It is not unheard of for a father who has otherwise been an exemplary parent up until the announcement of a divorce, to be acccused of sexual child abuse by the child’s mother. This is often a ploy used by these women to win custody and for many men, it is their worse fears and nightmares come true.

During these trying times, the need for assistance of a father’s rights lawyer cannot be under-estimated.

attempted Asset gouging and confiscation by ex wives and divorce courts

Sure, marriage is a partnership and when it ends the two people should get their fair share of the marital assets. But let’s face it: Some women think their husbands are their personal bank and many judges not only condone this but help these women to confiscate their husband’s wealth all in the name if “keeping her at the standard of living during the marriage.” Whether this standard is any longer fair is open to debate. But cerrtainly a father’s rights lawyer who specializes in men’s rights can really be worth their weight in gold in this situation, to help you out.

Attempted alienation of their children  from them by ex wives and ex lovers

Parental alienation syndrome is a real problem in a lot of divorce and custody disputes. Again, men are more likely to be the victims than women. A father’s rights lawyer who specializes in cases like this can also assist here and  is worth the investment.

Getting a fair child custody arrangement

A father may want sole custody or joint custody of his children or, if not joint custody, he wants a fair custody arrangement and does not want to be subjected to the stereotypical visitation on every other weekend. Achieving this outcome could come down to having a father’s rights lawyer who specializes in this type of situation.

Who are the best Father’s Rights attorneys in your state?

If you are a father and you don’t know the answer to that question, I worry about how serious you are about protecting your rights and those of your children.

Places you can search for father’s rights lawyers include Google, superlawyers.com, divorcesource.com and lawyers.com.  Google is probably the easiest way to begin. Depending on where you live, just google “father’s rights lawyers near me” or something like:

  • Best Father’s Rights attorney in New York
  • Best Father’s Rights attorney in New Jersey
  • Best Father’s Right attorney in Connecticut
  • Best father’s rights attorney in California
  • Best Father’s Rights attorney in Texas
  • Best Father’s rights attorney in Florida
  • Best Father’s Rights attorney in Georgia

You should find a plethora of leads with search keywords like that.
The only thing with Google is that the fact that a lawyer appears on the first page does not necessarily mean he or she is the best Father’s rights lawyer in your area. It could just mean that he or she spends more money on Google advertising.
It is hard to gauge which lawyers are the best in this arena. You really have to look at peer reviews and what clients are saying as well as their credentials, years of experience and things like that. Superlawyers.com is a good resource because it does do some screening that Google does not do.

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