"Best Uncontested Divorce Attorney Near Me": What You Need to Consider Before Hiring

“Best Uncontested Divorce Attorney Near Me”: What to Consider Before you Hire

“Best Uncontested Divorce Attorney Near Me” is a fairly popular search term on Google. Why? Because it is basically what a lot of people search for when they are looking to end their marriage.

Many people just want to end it. They do not want a drag down fight with a pitbull and a lawyer whose sole aim is to prolong things and turn it all into the mud.

But how do you decide which divorce lawyer is the “best-uncontested divorce attorney near me”?

Well, one thing is for sure, the price is not the only consideration.

A lot of people think that the cheaper the lawyer the better the deal they are getting. Not always. It is true that an uncontested divorce is not very expensive normally. the “Best Uncontested Divorce Attorney Near Me” will charge a flat fee for these services for sure. They are not going to bill you hourly under normal circumstances. There are exceptions because just because the case is uncontested does not mean the parties don’t have things to iron out that could take up a lot of time.

Nevertheless, it is a mistake to base the hiring decision solely on how cheap the lawyer is or how expensive you perceive the lawyer to be.

Price is a consideration but it is not the only thing to consider.

Over the years we have written many posts about UNCONTESTED DIVORCE. We do not think only in terms of the costs of the proceeding because oftentimes, people go pro se in these proceedings. They do the uncontested divorces themselves. To wit, a post like How to File an Uncontested Divorce in 8 Step

With that being said, other than the price you have to consider whether you and the attorney are compatible; whether the attorney has the right experience to determine if this divorce is even properly left uncontested; how many of these types of divorces the attorney has handled; how accessible is the attorney to where you live and to the court you have to get to (if you have to go to court); and what do the other competing lawyers offer that the attorney does not. Do you agree, for example, with everything the attorney says in the retainer agreement in case things go sour with the divorce and your soon to be ex?

The best uncontested divorce attorney near you is a subjective thing. What is best for someone else may not work for you. It is not always the best thing to choose the lawyer that appears first on Google either. Scroll through to a few other pages to see what else is out there.