#1 Way Latina Girls Avoid Divorce

How Do Latina Girls Avoid Divorce?

Latina girls avoid divorce at a greater rate than most other ethnicities. They have one of the lowest divorce rates in the USA. This is especially true for first generation latinos.

Latina girls avoid divorce, they tell me. How come they are so good at staying married? What is their secret?

Well, first of all, it is a misconception to believe that ALL Latina girls are good at marriage. Look for example at celebrities like Jennifer Lopez. She is not particularly good at marriage and she is the ultimate Latina girl.

Jennifer is not the only Latina Girl in Hollywood, thankfully.

Eva Mendes, for instance, is a celebrity who is Latina and she is with hunky Hollywood A lister Ryan Gosling and has been for a very long while. They have children together and you never hear any scandals involving those two. Ryan has the opportunity to have any girl he wants both inside and outside of Hollywood but he has eyes only for Eva.

Is Eva Mendes the quintessential Latina girl then? And if so, what is her secret for holding on to Ryan?

As for regular Latina girls who are not celebrities, they appear to be very good at holding on to their marriages and relationships. Nobody can deny that because the stats speak volumes.
Sure, there are stereotypes about Latina girls being hyper-sexual creatures who are hot-blooded and who are pros at seduction at a very young age.

Latina girls have a lower divorce rate than white and black girls
Latina girls are better at marriage

Is that the secret to why Latina girls avoid divorce and hold on to their marriages longer than other girls?

Maybe. Could it also be that the secret to their success is that they really enjoy the notion of marriage, of being married?

If you ever wonder how Latina girls avoid divorce, consider that it is because they fundamentally believe in staying married at all costs.

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