Divorce Museum Recent Acquisitions May 2017

Divorce Museum Recent Acquisitions May 2017

Divorce Saloon’s Divorce Museum has acquired a number of new pieces of artwork which depicts divorce in all forms. This month we found a piece called What Will Happen to Loulou which is the photograph of a dog, a pug, which had been taken to the pound due to domestic violence.

It is interesting to note that divorce does not just affect men, women and children.
Divorce also does affect animals, in particular household pets. Couples today have been known to fight over their pets.

Courts have sought to treat household pets as “property” similar to chairs, cars and books. However, increasingly, people are realizing that pets are not the same as inanimate objects and after divorce, courts need to think about what should happen to them.

The Divorce Museum has also acquired a piece called Cheating Husband. Of course, many a divorce has occurred on account of lies and broken promises.

Finally, we acquired a piece called Home of the World’s Biggest Liar. It is probably intuitively clear what the connection between divorce and lying could be.

We hope you enjoy the exhibit which will continue to expand over the months ahead. We are proud of having created the first Divorce Museum in the world. Our hope is that people to stop and think about the trajectory of this event in many of our lives. We hope you appreciate the exhibit, and that you find it thought-provoking.

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