Divorce Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Why "Playa Del Divorcio" is a Cool Divorce Travel Itinerary

Divorce Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: A Great Idea for After Divorce Travel Destinations

Divorce Beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico is a beautiful though dangerous beach. Exercise caution when you visit but do visit, by Grace Ann Diaz for Divorce Saloon Magazine: Le Saloon

Hello Everyone,

Today, I want to tell you about Divorce Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Have you ever heard about this beach? It is magnificent. It is one of those few places on Earth that is truly magnificent, and is located at the intersection of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés.
Divorce Beach, Playa Del Divorcio, is considered by some to be the “devil” twin of another adjacent beach called “Lovers Beach” or Playa Del Amour.

Why do they call it Divorce Beach and the other twin Lovers Beach? Oh, no special reason. Just because Playa Del Amour is a calm beach and Playa Del Divorcio has more personality in that it can get rough and succumb to rip tides and high waves and just heavy currents and stuff like that.

Divorce Beach, Divorce Saloon Museum

Indeed, people are cautioned against swimming in Playa Del Divorcio because it is so dangerous. So it is really for visiting and sunbathing, not for going into the water.
And I don’t recommend that you go to Cabo just to go to this beach either, because it is really just a half day trip in an otherwise full itinerary. How do you get there? In a glass bottomed boat for about $10 round trip.

But you definitely ought to consider checking out this beach if you do go to Cabo. Again, please exercise caution especially if you are travelling with kids. Apparently, a lot of people have gotten into “trouble” by under-estimating how quickly things change at this beach.
Oh, and bring lots of sun screen as there are no palm trees for shade.