Divorce Headlines From Last Week: A Round Up of Top Divorce Stories About Celebs and Newsworthy People

Cannes! Pippa! Kardashians!

…and Divorce Headlines From Last Week: A Round up of Top Divorce Stories by Divorce Saloon’s Columnist Julia Woods

Divorce headlines from Huma Abedin: Hillary Clinton’s aide has  finally filed for divorce from her sex fiend husband Anthony Weiner and he is facing years in prison for sexting with a 15 year old who looked older than her age.

Scarlett Johannsen, hot from her divorce from Romain Duriac is now dating SNL Weekend Host Colin Jost.

Steve Harvey’s wife Mary Vaughn has sued him for divorce and $60 million bucks for murdering her soul according to the NY Post

Latest divorce headlines from Mel B is that she and her German nanny are warring over a restraining order Mel claims she served but the nanny says she didn’t.

Aisha Tyler has to pay her ex Jeff Tietjens $2 million bucks for as a divorce settlement.

That’s it for this edition of “Last Week’s Divorce Headlines.” I am julia Sam wood in Cannes reporting for Divorce Saloon Magazine in New York. Have a great week everyone!

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