Could Melania and Donald Trump Divorce Before He Leaves Office

Could Melania and Donald Trump Divorce Before he leaves office?

Melania and Donald Trump have been together for a good minute. However,  since he ran for office, and won the presidency, there has been a lot of speculation about their relationship.
Is there trouble in paradise in this marriage? It sure looks like something is amiss, doesn’t it. They are not as lovey Dovey as, say, Ivanka and Jared. It could just be that Ivanka and Jared are more youthful and evenly yoked and so have a more natural relationship.

But…something is off with those two, Melania and Donald Trump, the president and first lady, in my opinion. Look at their body language. He does not seem very attentive to his wife. He does not treat her with the same reverence as Barack Obama treated Michelle in similar circumstances. Don’t even talk about how Ronald Reagan treated Nancy Reagan or even how Bill treated Hillary. There is a certain….je ne sais quoi that is missing in how he appears to treat his wife. It does not seem like they are having a grand passion.

Case in point, on their first trip abroad, someone video-taped Melania batting Trump’s hand away like an annoying fly.

It was  a total embarassment the White House and the president did not need.
It was as if Melania is trying to tell everyone that she is not happy in her marriage and that she is not happy with her husband. But why would she be unhappy? She has so much material wealth. She lacks for nothing. What could be making her so miserable that she had to resort to this public display of disaffection?

If you want to know the truth, chances are that Melania and Donald Trump will not last for four more years. Not if things continue like this.

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