15 Reasons your spouse regrets marrying you

15 Reasons your spouse regrets marrying you

There are many reasons why your spouse regrets marrying you

If your spouse regrets marrying you, you have to ask yourself why? What is the problem? How did you screw up? It is not normal for your spouse to feel this way. So if this is genuinely how your spouse feels, you may be doing something wrong. True, it could be a two-way debacle in the sense that your spouse is probably as bad as they accuse you of being but once those words get uttered, that, “I regret marrying you!” then one of the following 15 reasons could apply. Don’t take offense by the candor of this advise post. Use it to effectuate some changes if you want to save your relationship.

So, your spouse regrets marrying you because one of the following is probably true:

  1. You basically suck.
  2. It’s not that you suck completely but you suck more than you are wonderful and this is unsupportable for your spouse.
  3. You changed for the worse after marriage, and it just…sucks.
  4. You stopped taking care of yourself (for example weight, hygiene, etc.)
  5. You lied about something huge and your spouse cannot get past it.
  6. You cheated.
  7. You don’t pull your financial weight
  8. It’s not you but it is your spouse who changed and needs something other than what you are.
  9. You still aren’t giving them an orgasm after years of trying to make it better.
  10. You are gone too much.
  11.  You act like you don’t care and you are insensitive, inconsiderate and rude to boot.
  12. Your drug habit.
  13. Your family is just the worse and you won’t get them in line.
  14. The kids you produced are just a nightmare to deal with on a daily basis.
  15. You have morphed into an ugly duckling version of yourself (and not just in terms of your face).

So, what can you do to salvage the relationship if your spouse regrets marrying you? Well, stop sucking so badly for starters. Improve your game. Be there more not just physically but emotionally. Take care of yourself. Start hauling your butt to the gym to get back in shape and get healthy. Kick the drug habit or the alcohol or whatever it is that is making you a less than ideal spouse. If you cheated, get counseling and change. Quit on the lover and re-affirm your vows to your spouse. These are just for starters.

But understand that sometimes, it is not you. It is your spouse and nothing that you do will help this person to see you in a more positive light. So do the best you can to present the best of yourself but beyond that, it has to be a two way reciprocal thing and if it isn’t be prepared to just walk. Because you can’t always control someone feeling regret for marrying you, unfortunately.

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