Trump Can Protect the Family Business from divorce (his own or one of his children). You Betta Believe it

Can Trump Protect the Family Business if He or One of His Children Divorce? You bet.

Trump Can Protect the Family Business From Divorce – his or his kids’.  Right?

Trump can protect the family business from divorce if he or one of his children divorce.  No doubt about it. He is the grand master at that stuff, safeguarding the family coffers from booty hunters, in fact. Look at how he stonewalled the country about his taxes. He is an ace at building walls.

Think about it: All of his three wives signed air tight prenuptial agreements and not even the mos skilled lawyers could have helped them break through that legal wall.

Trump’s three wives Ivana Trump, Marla Maples and Melania Trump all signed well-crafted prenups. Both his ex wives are rumored to have allegedly tried to challenge the prenups but both failed, according to reports. Trump does not play when it comes to his money.

But what about the children? All his adult children with the exception of daughter Tiffany Trump who he had with Marla Maples, are married to people who are not as affluent as they are. Don Trump Jr is married to a woman named Vanessa. There marriage has been going for a long time and it is doubtful that Vanessa is going anywhere. She loves her husband and their family life and they have about five or six kids and it is pretty airtight that marriage. But what if? What if the unthinkable happens? Does Don have the same kind of shrewdly drafted prenups that his father has? And if he does not, can Trump protect the family business from divorce if, for example, Don Trump divorces Vanessa and she makes a claim for part of the family assets? Yes. He can protect the family business. Don’t worry.

For example, now that Trump is President of the United States, Don Jr has been running the Trump Organization. This is a big time promotion during their marriage. Whatever their prenup says, it has to be outdated. In theory a prenup does not have an expiration date unless they expressly agreed to it, but with all the changes that have occurred since Don married Vanessa, I bet a good divorce lawyer can get more out of him if they divorce. If she is really smart she will try to get a post nup out of him.

But the Trumps are very smart and they follow the lead of their father, who is king of prenups. It’s not only that Trump can protect the family business from divorce opportunists. But he will.

You can take that to the bank. He will create a labyrinth of trusts and other things to shield the business from spousal attacks.

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