Sex After Divorce: How Long Before Your Temperature Be Rising?

Sex After Divorce:  How Long Should You Wait?

Sex after divorce is a whole cottage industry for all sorts of businesses in this vast industry called the DIVORCE INDUSTRY. And why? Because it is. That’s as simple as it gets. Sex is big business because… it is.

But what is it that is the big deal and the big issue about sex and divorce? Well, it is the question mark. As in, “when? ” When is it appropriate to begin to do the deed after your marriage ends.

Folks don’t know when it is appropriate to allow their temperatures to start rising after divorce or even if they should ever allow the mercury to rise again. They wonder aloud about having sex after divorce. They want confirmation that they are normal and their behavior is like everybody else’s.

Look. This is hardly the 1950s. Ok? You don’t have to play coy with having sexual needs anymore. Yes, you will have sex after divorce and yes it is perfectly fine and yes, you can do it whenever you want and with whomever you want and no it is nobody’s business. (Or if you are like me you can choose not to do it at all! It is your CHOICE).

In fact, some people’s temperatures begin to rise before their divorce is even final! They move on while the divorce process is ongoing. They waste no time at all. They don’t wait.
You can even see it in the celebrity culture where as soon as a divorce is declared, some actors begin to date right away. They don’t wait. This has its pluses because people feel lonely and they need companionship and they need love and they need to feel validated.
Nothing like a divorce to make you doubt yourself. Nothing like sex with someone new to perk you up and make you feel young, sexy, and special again.

So what is the takeaway? Well, simple: as far as sex after divorce goes, take as little time or as much time as you need to move on.

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