Hot Dates After Divorce: Make your date nights sizzle with these tips

Hot Dates After Divorce: Make your dates sizzle!

How to have hot dates after divorce

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When I came up with this topic Hot. Date. Nights. After. Divorce. my colleagues all laughed at me because I never have hot date nights. I don’t date at all. They were just like, look who is talking! They laugh at me all the time.

It is true that I am the resident dating expert and that I hardly ever date. It is a paradox. But I am very good at giving good relationship, dating and sex advise. I say so myself, no ifs, ands and buts about it.

So. How to have a hot date night. I have no idea. hahahahahahahahaha. 🙂
Look, I think you start with yourself. Look great, smell great, feel great and think great thoughts.

Looking great so that you can have a hot date night after divorce is easy. Work with your body and your hair and yourself and just present your best self. You know what I have figured out? Jeans are always the best option in 90 percent of situations. They are so versatile. So when in doubt, put on a pair of jeans and you are instantly chic and cool and sexy and you will look great. If the top aspect is a little iffy, put a jacket over it and a belt. And boom. You are ready. Aisha can give you more beauty tips on how to do hair, nails and make up. That is not my lane. But you can definitely look great without too much stress.

So smelling great, that is the same. I don’t have to advise you there. You know proper hygiene so just do it.

As for thinking great thoughts, hey, that can be difficult especially after divorce when you are still hung up on your ex. However, you have to realize that thoughts are things and they are fully, 100 percent under our control. So control your thoughts! Imagine amazing things and an amazing new life. Imagine having a hot, sizzling date. Imagine meeting someone absolutely amazing who is your new life partner. Imagine tonight is the beginning of your happily forever.

Think great thoughts! It’s free to think great thoughts. You don’t even have to pay for it and you don’t have to lift weights or sweat. Just think great thoughts! It makes you glow.
Ok. So now what makes a hot date? That is a damn good question. I think, you know, going someplace really amazing – whether a restaurant, event, location.

I think just having naturally a lot of chemistry with the person is obviously going to be very key to the whole thing. You can do your darndest but if there is no chemistry it is going to fizzle rather than sizzle.

Can you create chemistry?

The jury is out on that. Many people think chemistry is a natural occurrence but others think it can be manufactured. It depends on what school of thought you are. But there are seduction techniques that you can employ to get almost anybody to like you. Seduction is art and science. So chemistry probably is to.

So, create the chemistry. Make the person feel special, wonderful, sexy and desired and they will shine those feelings back into your orbit.

Other things you do for a hot date (and of course, exercise discretion and caution here) include:

  • smiling
  • laughing
  • touching
  • deciding to have fun and enjoy yourself and give your partner a joyful time.
  • forgetting about everything else and focusing on the date
  • flirting
  • gazing
  • eye contact
  • I have no phocking clue!…I am blank…um…doing something fun and exciting! I don’t know!
  • Whatever!

It is about using your imagination and deciding in your head before hand that the date is going to be hot and exciting. That is how I think you have hot dates after divorce and how you get your date nights to sizzle.

…if you think this post was lame, tell me in your comments. I do feel a little bit ridiculous with this one.

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