Career Prospects After Divorce: Do You Have Realistic Options? Hire an Image Consultant to Help you Sort it Out

Career Options After Divorce: What are your realistic options? Maybe an Image Consultant Could Help

Yes, you have career options after divorce but they may not always be what you think you deserve. Sometimes, you have to slum it a little bit; you have to take something beneath your ability and stature in order to get back into it and re-establish yourself. And from there, you can catapult to what you really want. Is this always realistic even? It depends.

After divorce, many women need to return to work and after a long sojourn where they were raising kids and being married, they have grown rusty as far as their career goes. It is totally not neurotic to wonder if there are any realistic career prospects for you.

Divorce Saloon has done a few different articles on this subject of career options after divorce. For example, just a month or so ago, we published this article Returning to Work After Divorce for Moms Who Left Their Careers to Care for their Family which was written by our editor in chief Lawyer X and a few months before that, she also gave us What is the Best Way to Juggle Motherhood, Career and Dating after Divorce.

There have been other articles on this subject over the years, understandably, since this is such an important topic. Here are a few related articles. Usually, it is women who are struggling to re-establish their careers after divorce because usually the woman is the one who quit working to stay at home with the children and be a stay at home mom after marriage.

Finding good career prospects after divorce is not always easy for these women. It would not be realistic to suggest anything else. It would be to lie to the reader in fact. The work industry does not take kindly to anyone who leaves it for an extended period of time. It is not easy just to pick up and move back into position because life has moved on. New workers have entered the job market and often, their skills are just sharper than the person who has not be in the work force for a long or extended period of time.

One of the things you probably should do if you have the financial means is to hire an image consultant. Why do I say this? Because an image consultant can help you improve your career prospects after divorce. They can advice you on things you can change, tweak or improve to increase your employability quotient and get hired for better jobs than even you thought would be realistic in light of your situation.

And in indeed, there are many image consultants who cater specifically to divorced men and women. I was recently flying back to London from New York and I read this article on the NY Post about this image consultant. I believe her name was Amanda. I forgot her last name but she made a video about her services. The video was not about career makeovers but she did say that she also works with people to help them with their professional image. She obviously is not the only one.
It is not just in America that divorced people use or should use image consultants. There are many image consultants all over the world and I would imagine their fees would run anywhere from £100 – £300 per hour.

If you are at all concerned about your career prospects after divorce and you have the financial means, consider starting your journey with an image consultant. And I do mean before you send out a single CV.