Divorce Headlines From Last Week: A Round up of all the Celeb Divorce Gossip

Jared Kushner! G7! Melania’s Dolce and Gabbana Floral Jacket in Sicily!

…and Divorce Headlines From Last Week: A Round up of Top Divorce Stories by Divorce Saloon’s Columnist Julia Woods

Divorce Headlines this week include divorce speculation about Melania Trump and President Donald Trump. The first lady scored big points for her fashion picks during her husband’s first official trip abroad as president that included destinations such as Saudi Arabia, Israel and the G7 Summit in Italy. Melania was a fashion hit for the fashion bloggers and pundits but for the relationship experts and body language experts, people are wondering about the state of the union and whether the couple could be on the verge of divorce especially after the First Lady was observed on camera to appear to be swatting her husband’s hand away while walking down the red carpet in Israel. He had done this backward move with his arm to hold her hand as she was tagging along a few steps behind him. She seemed not to want his touch. But they did do a lot of hand holding later on during the trip so maybe the divorce is not as imminent as the body language experts would have us believe.

By contrast, Jared and Ivanka held hands during the entire time (they had accompanied the Trumps abroad for the trip on Air Force One though they flew back early on a commercial flight.) Of course, Jared is the focus of an FBI investigative probe at the moment and some people are speculating that if this gets resolved badly, it could spell divorce for Jared and Ivanka.

In other divorce headlines, Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin have put their 1 Irving Place duplex that faces Union Square Park in Manhattan on the market. Huma of course is Hillary Clinton’s right-hand girl and Anthony the disgraced former mayoral candidate in New York City. Anthony pleads guilty to sexting with a minor last week on the same day that Huma filed for divorce from him. He is expected to be sentenced to prison for a few months starting September. But in the meantime, their duplex is up for sale if you are house hunting.
Post-divorce from his lovely wife Malaak Compton Rock, comedian Chris Rock is reportedly trying to unload his Clinton Hill Brooklyn duplex for over $3 million dollars. Not to be outdone, Kanye West is hiding out in Wyoming according to media speculation and Kim Kardashian is not with him. So everybody is wondering whether Kimye will be filing for divorce soon.

Meanwhile, as far as other divorce headlines, Paul Manafort, former campaign chairman of President Donald Trump, has a divorce pending in his family while he is being investigated by everybody and their mother. Turns out his daughter Jess Manafort and her husband Jeff Yohai are in the process in California.

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